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Legends & Artefacts of High Rock, Through the Realms of Tamriel

Started by Harlwystyr
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Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Wayrest
Chapter III: Daggerfall
Chapter IV: Shornhelm
Chapter V: Evermore
Chapter VI: Farrun
Chapter VII: Jehenna
Chapter IX: Legends & Artefacts of High Rock


It has long been an established fact that the ambition of many a young breton has led to some of the most enduring folktales and legends amongst the people of High Rock, and inevitably, artefacts of power have played a role in the rise and fall of these figures. Beyond the language and certain customs, only the tales of old truly give a sense as to the unity that, when all else is said and done, binds the Direnni West together as a land. In this chapter, I shall tell of but a few of these legendary artefacts, and the stories of the people behind them; listed in no manner of importance or value.

Eleidon's Ward

Many tales have been sung of this mighty artefact, and even more tales are wildly spun as to the many feats accomplished with it, and its current location. Therefore I shall not spend overlong discussion it. Eleidon's Ward is a white tower shield attributed to the knight from which it draws its name, Eleidon. Already an accomplished man, the artefact did not appear in the stories about the knight until well into his career, when he aided a baron in the rescue of his daughter from a warlord. According to tale, the baron was so pleased that he poured all his wealth into the creation of this enchanted shield, which is believed to allow its wielder to heal him- or herself of many wounds.


Cymleigh is a fine broadsword of a steel alloy; a well-wrought weapon in itself, yet thrice as deadly when wielded against the undead such as vampires and zombies. It is believed to be forged near the Reach by the long-dead smith Galladorn, who is also remembered for his service in war against the reachmen; whom he bore a personal grudge against due to the death of his wife by their hands. However, it is impossible to tell if Galladorn can truly be credited with the creation of this sword, as the blade itself evades questions as to its origins. No markings or definite touches of craftsmanship that could identify the origins of the sword have ever been recorded.

Cymleigh was held for centuries in the Royal Treasury of Jehenna, kept as a family relic but seldom wielded in battle by the kings of that land. Some seventy winters ago, it was stolen from the treasury by the thief Jolgrim, a nord who was soon thereafter arrested in the village of Tunley by soldiers of Jehenna and slain when he attempted escape. The blade was not on Jolgrim when he was searched, and a popular rumour amongst the thieves of Jehenna states that he sold it to a fence by the name Marlton Grad, who had boarded a ship for Northpoint where a buyer waited.

For the next thirty-five winters, nothing was heard of the blade, until the lady Ylvanna of Wayrest found the blade left behind in her bedchamber by a visitor fleeing the city guard. The lady would sell it on to an adventurer visiting the city, by whom it was wielded in several minor skirmishes against the orcs of the Wrothgarian Mountains thereafter. Eventually, the unnamed adventurer was betrayed by one of his associates, the warrior Olsten of Solitude, who would find his own thief between Shornhelm and Daggerfall.

After the death of Olsten, the trail of the blade lay hidden for some nine winters, but it is known to have been in the possession of the mercenary captain Raelgar on his visit to Daggerfall in the fall of the tenth year thereafter, and was identified again by the sage Merthair of Farrun when Raelgar sought him out to learn the blade's properties. Since then, no trace has been seen of Cymleigh, and I carefully remind everyone that its plain appearance and shifting of hands contributes to its anonymity.

The Cloak of Bredhwold

As the tale goes, this modest, brown cloak was crafted by the archmage Bredhwold to guard and protect his young apprentice, who was often sent on dangerous errands to acquire reagents and ingredients for his master. The precise details as to the defences of the cloak are now unknown, and the knowledge has died with its maker, Bredhwold. What is told amongst the people of High Rock is that it bears similar enchantments to the legendary Spellbreaker, and is capable of hurling back a large assortments of spells thrown at its wearer.

Usage of the cloak beyond Bredhwold's apprentice is not known, but it has become a popular tale that a long-deceased hero of Daggerfall, whose name is forgotten, took the cloak with him when he was interred in Cath Bedraud.

Drudwyn's Tome

Drudwyn's Tome is a stout, battered book (four hand-widths broad by five hand-widths tall) of thin ash boards covered with painted cowhide, with brass corner-caps, and a binding of silver rings, that hold several hundred pages together.

Drudwyn was a sorcerer operating from Northpoint in the northern realm of Rivenspire, who in his twilight years became involved in a feud with the high elven mage Ialthean of Firsthold. For a long time, Drudwyn lived in the form of a hawk due to a curse laid upon him by Ialthean's magic, and during that time, all of Drudwyn's work was stolen and copied by his rival. Drudwyn flew for many miles across High Rock to a cave high in the Wrothgarian Mountains, where he had once hidden a cache of magical trinkets, and by means of the powers stored there regained his own form.

In his anger, he poured all his time and patience into a carefully planned revenge, and five years later, he ensnared Ialthean in the form of a horse, which he proceeded to ride to death. Ere his rival's death, Drudwyn learnt of the location where Ialthean had stored all of his own stolen magic, and ventured to Bangkorai, to a tomb between the Dragontail Mountains and the mighty Alik'r Desert. There the elderly wizard began the long process of studying his rival's works, and refined his own spells with the newfound lore of another's mind, and wrote down his knowledge in books - one of which, Drudwyn's Tome, he gave to the young redguard maid, Shaleena of Elinhir, who later became an apprentice of the bosmer mage, Talindor the Tall.

It is said that within this tome lies the knowledge of several ancient spells divided into the schools of thaumaturgy, alteration, and conjuration, written in a magical script that might only be deciphered by the truly keen of mind. The tome is currently rumoured to be in the possession of a Telvanni mage-lord, but the stories do not lend any names.

- From the Journals of Harlwystyr the Wanderer, Through the Realms of Tamriel, published in 2E 188.
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An entertaining read, very well done.

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