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Legren Gro-Darga, Warrior of Malacath

Started by Lurgahk
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Daggerfall Covenant
( Still learning about orcish lore, so some of this may be wrong. )

Firstname - Legren
Surname - Gro-Darga
Title - Warrior of Malacath
Sex - Male
Race - Orsimer
Age - 24
Occupation - Mercenary, Bounty Collector
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - He has a long pointed nose, dark brown hair (usually in a pony tail) and has no beard but has a bit of a rough. He has brown eyes, and two average sized tusks. His skin pigment is a mix of dark green and brown.
Personality - He is a brash an ignorant orsimer who is quick to anger. He's partaken in several occasions in the orcish ritual of the "Blood Price" due to his attitude. He'll often threaten people who he finds irritating, and could often be called racist for his remarks.
Social Background/Backstory - Legren was born into the Orsimer stronghold of Darga. His father and chieftan was a stoic, and strong orc, which was how he had become the leader in the first place. Legren's mother was the chieftan's forge wife. Legren lived a normal life of an Orsimer. He and his brothers all trained in the hopes of one day succeeding their father and becoming the new and rightful chieftan of Darga.

The chieftan saw one of his sons as the most fit to take over his mantle, Gotora. Gotora was an mer of extreme talent. He'd come close to mastering the ways of the blade and was a serious threat to all of his kin who would seek to become chieftan themselves.

In Darga, it was not uncommon for an individual to succumb to the traditional punishment of the blood price. In fact, it could be said that it was just the opposite. Several orsimer tried to seduce the Chieftan's wives, others stole perfectly crafted blades, and some simply beat one another until blood streamed from their nostrils.

Legren himself had partaken in the latter, along with being on the recieving end. He had always strived to succeed his father, and trained day and night yet he could never land a strike quite like Gotora, who seemed to do so with ease. And Legren despised his brother for it.

Eventually, when Legren had reached 22 years of age, he was training against Gotora. The two were both fully armored, and both wielding two shield forged from orichalcum ingots. However, Legren preferred a mace rather than a sword, as that is what his brother often said was his favorite choice of weaponry. Legren said that he preferred the mace due to the fact that he like it's heavier weight in his hands, however in reality he only wielded it out of spite for his brother.

The two were training, Legren landing blows on Gotora's shield and Gotora constantly on Legren's fatal spots. Now, the way the two dueled was that whenever one would land a would-be fatal blow, they would stop, reset, and begin the training again.

During the fight, Gotora mentioned that he would challenge their father soon, and that he believed that he was most suited to take down the chieftan anyhow. Gotora continued spatting out more boasts and other irritating comments until Legren's mind was consumed with rage. He charged his brother with his shield and knocked him to the ground. He proceeded to beat him with his mace repeatedly until he was standing over Gotora, his mace crimson red, and a hole in his brother's helmet.

Legren had broken the Code of Malacath, and thus was promptly exiled from Darga. The Orsimer wandered High Rock for one year and eventually made his home in Daggerfall. He had planned to move to Hammerfell and search for a new stronghold to join, which is just when he saw High King Emeric's notice in the local tavern.

Best Memory - Crafting his first weapon.
Worst Memory - Watching his father speak to him as he exiled him from Darga.
Skills - One Handed, Blocking, Armorsmithing
Challenges for the Character - Overconfidence, Pride
Birthsign - Steed
Religious Views - Worships the Daedric Prince Malacath
Politics Views - Victory for the Daggerfall Covenant, and Victory for the Orsimer
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