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Legren, Warrior of Malacath

Started by Lurgahk
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In this tomb, there was silence. Not a single sound could be heard. The dead were sleeping, and the undead were resting, waiting.

That's when one of the undead's eyes opened inside its coffin, listening to the sound of heavy footsteps and numerous pieces of plate armor clanking against itself as its owner was walking. The undead began to push up the lid of its prison, preparing to attack the intruder.

"Let me help you with that." The lid then flew open, and a pair of brown eyes looked down at the undead. The Orsimer staring back into the undead's eyes was wearing black plate armor. His face looked almost as if a sculpture had fallen down 1,000 stone steps. As if the artist wanted to purposely create an ugly monstrosity.

The Orsimer had a long, gnarled, pointed nose, along with two short pointed tusks. His teeth were a rotten yellow and brown, and his hair was in a long ponytail binded together with a red band. His skin was a slimy greenish brown, as if one had ripped off an ogre's nose and let the mucus spew out onto the bark of a tree.

The Orc flipped his mace in one hand, the hilt now facing the web-infested ceiling of the cave, and brought it full force upon the undead's skull, crushing it into pieces.

The Orsimer sat down, leaning back against the coffin, and glancing around at the scenery. The floor was a pale brown. Cracks littered the ground from the lack of water. All coffins in the room were opened, some dead were still asleep inside them, other undead were hanging over the edge of their resting place, their heads either in pieces or not attatched to their spine at all.

The orc took a bit of venison from his bags and bit into it.

This all had been a fairly boring adventure. Only a handful of the undead made it out of their holes before Legren dirtied his weapon. A shame really. He had hoped for more of a challenge.

He stopped chewing and took the meat from his mouth and looked at it....Spoiled. He threw it over his shoulder into the coffin. He let out a deep sigh and cupped his hand around his mouth. "IS THERE ANYONE ELSE?" And he waited.

He heard nothing stirring. He slowly got back to his feet and let out a small laugh. "I guess not." He slumped his mace back over his shoulder and proceeded to ascend back up the steps to the surface.

Not many would venture into a tomb without treasure. Better yet, not many would venture into a tomb full of dangerous undead that are just waiting to be re-awakened by an unsuspecting tresspasser, without being rewarded some type of compensation for their journey.

Then again, Legren is not like many people.
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