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Levin Adelais, Chapter II: Spare a Coin

Started by Slypstream
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A windy day, in a Daggerfall market... <---Background Music

The sky was deathly grey. People scurried like mice that saw light. The wend blew relentlessly. Walking against the wind was like dragging a troll.

"LEVIN!" cried Iaz, Levin's merchant mentor. Levin turned to see a beast of a man robbing the stall. Iaz tried to stop him, but the man was much too big. Levin ran as fast as his long strides took him. He had been through this before, but last time, he was much too young to do anything. Now, he could do something. "LEVIN!" Iaz called again. The brute saw Levin running, and laughed a hearty laugh that made birds scatter.
"Oh, Kynareth SPARE ME!" he called sarcastically. The man was obviously intoxicated.
He hollered for what must have been about three seconds, before Levin landed a solid blow to his nose. The brute, stunned, and disoriented, filled with rage. Thunder clapped in the background. Waves crashed. Birds shrieked. People watched from stores.
"Oh, so a tough guy, are ye'?" The brute took a swing, but was dodged. Then another, and another. A fourth swing was taken, a miss, Levin returned a roundhouse to the man's head. Levin had been in his share of fights. That's what every 17 year old was doing, though not all were made to face this guy.
The brute toppled, face first into the moldy cobblestone walkway. Onlookers turned into a crowd, and the crowd roared. Everyone felt the energy. It was pouring now. Everyone was soaking wet. The man was now seething with rage, and lit a flurry of swings out upon his opponent, all dodged with a return to his nose. That's when Levin saw him out of the corner of his eye. The beggar. His same, worn clothes. His raggedy grey hair. The same content look on his face, as always. As soon as his attention returned to the brute he saw a fist in his face. Then, he felt weightless. As if in a dream. The pain set in. Silence. Everyone silent. The rain, the thunder, the birds, the bell, the waves. They continued as loud as ever. Yet it was silent. Serene. Levin snapped back to reality. He realized that he had been hit, hard. His back to the wet, moldy stone ground. Thunder clapped. He couldn't tell if that taste was the salt in the air or his own blood. The brute roared. As Levin slowly peeled his eyes open, he saw the man. Laughing. Hooting. Hollering. He grabbed the coin purse from Iaz and turned, but stood still. Levin saw it, metal peeking out of the man's back. Blood began to stain his clothes. Then, to the ground he went. There stood the beggar. dagger in hand. Blood. Blood everywhere. The beggar opened the purse, looked at Levin, and asked,
"Spare a coin for an old beggar?"
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