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LF a guild co-owner

Started by Archmage Rythis
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So, my guild is relatively new. I've been working on building it all this weekend, and plan to finish polishing the website (from over my Thanksgiving break.

I was hoping to get a co-owner to help me run the guild (or at the very least a few solid officers) and get it off the ground.

If you are interested, please let me know either by private mail on here or email me at archmagerythis at gmail dot com.

May Magnus bless you.
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ArchMage Rythis, my Altmer alt, Ibis Helios who will be a BattleMage, will join as a member when you have the guild established; but my khajiit main is very involved in Va Khaj Dar Guild and so I couldn't be an officer or anything. Looking forward to your Guild.

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Just edited the OP and locked the thread so it's no outright recruiting and to save your email address from being eaten by the crawlers! Smiling

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