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LF Exceptional PvP Guilds For DC AvA Alliance

Started by Artarius Aetius
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
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AvA Guild Alliance Recruitment

Hello, I am Artarius the guild leader of Dominor Vindicatum. I am looking to bring exceptional pvp guilds into an alliance for our Cyrodiil pvp server. The purpose of this alliance is to dominate our opponents in AvA. We are looking for guilds from arround the world to provide 24/7 coverage in Cyrodiil. Right now the Alliance isn’t official but we will officially form it closer to launch during an alliance meeting and vote name as well. We will have an alliance website and possibly a teamspeak 3 server.

- Artarius, Guild leader of Dominor Vindicatum

Current Guilds:

Dominor Vindicatum
Daggerfall Covenant
Leader: Artarius
Region: US

Solace Gaming
Daggerfall Covenant
Leader: Barda
Region: US

The Guardians
Daggerfall Covenant
Leader: Thranx
Region: US

We are looking for exceptional PvP guilds to join our alliance. If your guild does not meet the following qualifications you need not apply.

* Daggerfall Covenant
* PvP (We accept PvX guilds but PvP has to be the main focus)
* No RP guilds
* Moderate-Hardcore or Hardcore
* 25+ members

If you are interested in applying your guild to the Alliance. Please fill out this application and reply to this thread. We will review your guild and decide whether your guild qualifies.

Guild Name:
Guild Leader:
Approximate # of Members:
Play-style: Moderate-Hardcore, Hardcore (Select One)
Additional Info: (Optional) past PvP experience, videos, games, etc.

| Hardcore | PvP |
Daggerfall Covenant
Youtube Channel
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