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LFG 4 Xbox One

Started by Enoza
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Ebonheart Pact
I typically like to play non humans in video games. TES is my more favorite midevil fantacy series. I'd hate to say it but I know more about TES then DnD or LOTR. Hell even Harry Potter would of forgoten potions and no need for invisibility cloak when you got cameleon at 120% from sigil stone enchantments. One reason I play non human is cause I don't have a true human nature and am more myself in the wild. I also don't think like the stereo-typical male and most of the time keep thinking way to logicly and almost beastly in nature. I've had several run ins with the imperial legion, they sold me out of imperial slavery, helped me escape from the imperial prison, and even tried cutting my head off in helgen all the times played as an imperial(then game's main race then beast races). If they wanna slaughter my gifts of mara they're going to find payne in their harts as I claw them down. Perferably EP_Argonian. Been following this game for years(felt a lot younger back then) but will be looking forward to console launch. I have Imperial ready for transfer.
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