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LFG Ebonheart Pact Xbox1

Started by Enoza
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Ebonheart Pact
Hi I'm Enoza, I'm currently looking for an Xbox One Ebonheart guild. Hopefully I can find a good active guild or clan. My current interests in a guild are from first to last are ava, pve (dungeon), medium to light rp, and then crafting. I am also looking for a bit of a social not just rp preferably when out of character I don't want to get harassment from other members of the guild. I can't say that I'm a pro at gaming but I do have hardcore determination to help my team succeed. In the past I've played wow from BC to late WOTLK, I played Swtor(basic digital Preordered) till a few months after first exspansion I've played many mmos such as warhammer online, ddo, neverwinter, APB, APB:Reloaded, several other modded game servers, and RUN ESCAPE!!! Unfortunately I can't afford to game via PC do to costs of quality parts needed to play games on the current market and the fact I lost my PC so I switched interest back to my other platform I support(I'm a supporter of Microsoft) the Xbox. In past guild experience I've been a loyal member following the many rules each guild has set before me with little to no mishaps. Also in past guilds I have been a co leader, ambassador, and communications officer. I would be honored for any guild that would take me. I live in the NA section of gaming. My first language is English but I know a little Spanish and am currently studying American Sign Language for professional reasons.
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