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LFG : EP : GMT-5 : Support PvP/PvE Looking for Active Guild

Started by Zikai
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Hey guys!

I just joined these forums but I've been following the development of ESO and ShoddyCast's videos for quite some time and I'm really pumped for it's release (or at least an open BETA <3).

Anyway, I'm a friendly person that prefers playing support characters. I'm usually the healer in the golden triangle in MMO's, but I play a battle mage + one-handed sword in Skyrim. I recently started exploring the fun times of bows and actually trying to be sneaky.

I enjoy PvE a bit more than PvP, but I have a lot of fun in both anyway.

I probably won't commit to a guild until closer to release, but I'd like to know who's out there that may want me. :D Have a terrific day!

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Zikai Enakis - Oathsworn of Vokundein
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