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LFG : Undecided Faction : GMT-5 : PvPer Looking for Hardcore PvP Guild

Started by Aromando
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Ideal Guild:

• Hardcore PvP focused guild, very interested in conquering Cyrodiil through tactics and strategy. Must be using Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Mumble, or something similar. An active, close, and social atmosphere. North American based guild. Playing on the PC. Preferably one that still has the possibility to achieve officer level positions.


• PvP over PvE, but still intend to do dungeons and other end game PvE content whenever I can.

MMO History:


• Accomplished 1-132 (old Runescape). Combat level is 200 now and have reached roughly1800 total skill levels and over 200 million gold. I have done free to play and pay to play clan warring. Led a clan that went 56 - 11 - 3.

World of Warcraft:

• Played late Burning Crusade until Cataclysm (roughly 5 years) then off and on through Mists of Pandaria. Tanked, healed, and Dps'ed hardcore end game content. Led one of the top raiding guilds on Antonidas and a hardcore PvP guild as well. I have cleared all Wrath of the Lich King raids except Ulduar (took a break).

Star Wars: The Old Republic:

• Led one of the top raiding guilds on Prophecy of the Five after release. One of the first to down Eternity Vault on all modes and was one of the most geared Sith Juggernauts on the server. Also one of the first to down Karraga's Palace. I PvP'ed in my downtime.

Guild Wars 2:

• Belonged to a Sea of Sorrows guild named Aggression (AGG). We were one of the major guilds in the server alliance and brought Sea of Sorrows to be the best WvWvW server for over a month straight. Eventually I switched to Isle of Janthir to take a command position in a guild in which I played a major role in the server alliance and led the guild through all WvWvW activities.


• I have played Star Wars Galaxies for around a year, Lord of the Rings Online for around 6 months, EvE Online for around 4 months, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for around 4 months.

Additional Info:

• I am 19 years old.
• I live on the east coast, but am very flexible with time.
• I will be having 1 to 10 people joining me and want to be in the same guild as them. These players have been with me for most of my accomplishments and are reputable gamers.
• I am open to any faction.

Fun Facts:

• I am studying both Game Design and Development and Computer Science in college (Double Major).
• When Star Wars: The Old Republic came out, I played for 4 days straight on 2 hours of sleep and reached max level in less than those 4 days.
• When Guild Wars 2 came out, I played for 7 days straight on 3 hours sleep and reached max level in less than 6 days.
• I have skied for roughly 15 years.
• I have played drums for roughly 11 years.
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