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Lil' Freesia Coldfury

Started by TLViolynn
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
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Firstname - Little Freesia / Lil' Freesia
Surname - Coldfury
Sex - Female
Race - Khajiit
Age - mid-20's

Occupation - Cleric/Templar/Adventurer

Faction - Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance - Leopard-esque,with under belly/arms/legs being white

Personality - Loyal to her believes,(Considered Chaotic Good)

Weed'den'nal'le Ashmist

Birthsign - Lady/Waxing Secunda Waxing Messer


Little Freesia is the daughter of Senita and Yarrow. She is named after her late aunt Freesia, Senita's sister.

-A mother's past-
After the death of Freesia, Senita disowned her Argonian slavery operations and headed north-west to High Rock. Several Dunmer slavers failed in capturing her, but each pushed the Khajiit farther west than she had expected. This lead Senita through Cheydinhal and into the unknown,and frigid land of Skyrim. Now lost Senita lived off the wilderness as best as she could. In time she was welcomed into one of the local Falkreath farms, in which she helped out around the farm for shelter and information.

The farmers admitted early on that they didn't know the khajiit caravan paths, only that two passed by their farm one in the spring and another in mid-winter. Senita thanked them all the same and stayed with the farm until late winter where She grew suspicious of the farmers as the winter seasoned was beginning to waned with no caravan in sight. What the farmers had forgotten was the passage the caravan usually took had been blocked by an avalanche due to the heavy snow fall.

Feeling betrayed Senita planned to break her own vows and steal enough supplies to run away, That night however she went for a walk to calm her nerves and found the faint glow of a magelight. To her surprise the mage was a Khajiit by the name of Yarrow. He was on a never ending pilgrimage to see all of Nirn. He told Senita that he was a member of the caravan she was looking for, and only he survived the avalanche. The farmer's graciously invited the fever-stricken Yarrow inside. Senita devoted most of her time to helping the sick mage.

She couldn't fathom the joy she took in caring for another,in some respects it reminded her of taking care of her late sister. She thanked the Nords hospitality, and with Yarrow on the mend she left their service and followed Yarrow to High Rock. In the beginning she offered to pay him, since he had told her he had no intentions of seeing High Rock twice. But with her keen nursing, her attractive looks, and the notion of traveling alone he felt it foolhardy to say no. As they ventured through the reach the two began to bond closer then Yarrow had expected. With Gelnumbra a month away. Yarrow confessed his love to Senita. At first bewildered, Senita warms up to the idea as she looks to the moons. That night they make love and Senita is sure her child will not share her own cruel past.

-A Cub's future-
' Under the blessings of Jode and Jone, and the watchful eye of the Lady is how to you came to be' Little Freesia would often hear whenever she asked her parents of their meeting. She shared her father's sense of adventure and her mother's new found compassion. Curiously she shared her aunt's tawny leopard fur. As she grew older her mother would tell more elaborate stories of her sister's bravery and heroism. None held truer in Little Freesia than the tale of the Argonian slave she befriended. Secretly she hated the Argonian for leading to her aunt's death, this heroine that she was named after. As she matured her late aunt became her idol, she wanted nothing more than to follow in her paw-prints.

She honored her father's wishes to travel the world still,sometimes envying his free-spirit. All was well for Little Freesia and Senita, Until little Freesia noticed her mother's health falling. at first she didn't understand why the plague had taken so long to infect her, until she remembered her father's necklace was missing,being a studious mage he must have put a ward on his necklace that kept the disease at bay.

Freesia enlists herself under a Templar in hopes of learning some curative magic to aid her dying mother. She undergoes an unforgiving year of scripture,routine and sparring that whips her free-spirit into a reserved and valorous soul. On the day of her graduation she is given an eerily familiar necklace, her father's. When Little Freesia's demands answers, she is told that he mother paid for her Templar training, in exchange for information about Black Marsh.

This only further confuses Little Freesia, she flees the Templar fort and hurries to her mother. When she finds her mother she is near death. Little freesia pours her divine magic into her mother,crying all the while. She begs her mother for the truth. Senita weakly agrees. She tells Little Freesia that she wished only the best for her daughter, she hoped the Templars could help her see the distinction in giving life and taking it, something she hadn't known. She laments in past in shame, how she killed and enslaved many, how she couldn't understand her sister's compassion to her befriended slave, and how she learned of compassion through Yarrow. As Senita readied herself for her final breath's a full plated Altmer placed his hand upon her mother's chest and a flurry of warmth and magic overtook Little Freesia and Senita.


This Altmer identified himself as a member of the Aldmeri dominion, and requested Little Freesia's services as a Templar to the cause. At first she declined, but he High elf assured her he could cure her mother's illness. Little Freesia, even under the faint behest of her mother agreed. The High elf continued his spell and weaved his magic around and through Senita. After which he made his terms clearer. Senita was to be taken in for questioning about Black Marsh and Morrowind, and her comfort would be dictated by Little Freesia's dedication to the Dominion. This slight tarnished Lil' freesia's views on her new allies,but never the less she helped, if only for her mother's well-being.

-During the war-
During her skirmishes in Cyrodill Freesia has been captured, tortured and bitten by Blizzard-Tooth. She now struggles a thin line of desire and diligence.
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