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Started by Nazur the Scorpion King
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
The Limothiit are a lost, unknown beast race that resemble canines. Their fate is unknown, and the only information on them is stated in the Pocket Guide to the Empire (Oblivion).
The Lilmothiit used to call Black Marsh their homeland. It is not said why they left, some believe they were driven out by the Argonians.
They were a tribal race like most beast folk, with the exception of Khajiit.
The Akaviri may have had interactions with the Lilmothiit, shown by the Akaviri using Lilmothiit ruins as grounds for prisons.
The Lilmothiit are a fox-like beast race who once inhabited the Black Marsh. They were a tribal race and they may have been related to Khajiit of Elsweyr.

I think it would be rather interesting if you saw some in the game possibly a new race due to their mysterious disappearance that is of course if those dang argonians didn't kill them thoughts.

P.S-Beast race for DC seeing how every other faction gets one.

"You reek of death my friend.....I salute you"
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