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Loading screen art

Started by Gimpyloser
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So Guildwars 2 offered a free weekend, this weekend, as a promotion for their game and I played it a bit. I played it a little during beta, but it seems to have improved quite a lot visually since then. The one thing that bugs me about the visuals of game is the load screen art. They almost look like chalk drawings of medieval scenes. Sadly they look very similar to much of the art posted on TESO website, specifically the wallpapers which leads me to believe the load screens will be very similar to that of GW2.

Obviously load screens are a lower priority than gameplay from a design standpoint. The game itself should be fun, engaging, and visually stimulating first. With that said, I'd still like to see some legitimate art or even in game screenshots as load screens rather than the poorly done drawings we see in GW2 and as wallpaper on the TESO website.

Many people on this forum and other fansite forums get very upset when someone mentions graphics. Many feel graphics are near irrelevant and the important part is how the game plays. I say that is a fair point of view, but it isn't the only one. I for one feel as though graphics are hugely important. There are dozens of mmo's with various styles of gameplay available already. Many of the older ones are very well loved for their gameplay, but rarely played anymore. Why? Well have you seen the graphics in DAOC, UO, AOC, etc? No one wants to play a game that doesn't look good to them. Some just have higher standards, likely do to higher system specs. Point is, graphics are important. Not so important that you make pretty piece of @#$%, but important.
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Load page art is often the concept art that originated the models of the game - I know it is in EQ2; and I like it a lot, being an artist myself.

I'm not sure what you are finding at TESO homepage that makes you think that the load screens will be like chalk art, but this is what I find under Concept Art there:

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Sorry, OP, I can't take you seriously.

Is this supposed to be trolling attempt? I know it's fashionable across the boards to bash everything GW2 related these days, but calling Daniel Dociu's concept art "poorly done drawings"? Shows you have no clue what art is.
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They should just do an SOE and make all the loading screens tits (lolPowergirllol).

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Not sure how any of these are poorly done chalk drawings. I'm preety sure its difficult to draw these. Nearly all of these are loading screens for zones.

It seems like every game uses concept art for loading screens

World Of Warcraft

Star Wars The Old Republic (These ones are my favorites)

For ESO I would like to see a unique loading screen for every zone. For example Stros M'kai should have its own unique concept art loading screen and every other zone should have its own unique concept art. This wuld give every zone its own unique identity.
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