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Started by lockey
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Firstname - Lockey
Surname - Unkown to most.
Title - None
Sex - Male
Age - 21
Occupation - Assassin
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion
Appearance - Wood elf, Casual Short Straight Hair, Hooded cloaks and silent shoes.
Personality - witty and clever jokes, afraid to hurt people by getting close to them and says whats on his mind. Tries to hide his emotions.
Social Background/Backstory - His parent were slaughtered in a raid by A clan of vampires, He and his sister 5 years younger then himself managed to escape at the lose of there parents They ran and ran until they found themselves at an inn where they met a inn keeper she offered them a place to stay for a while,after a couple of years she started to really care for the kids from the time she first met them.when Lockey was 16 he left to fend for himself and told his sister he'll write as much as he could. As he entered Falinesti he over heard two guards talking about how the Aldmeri Dominion needed new assassins, as soon as Lockey heard the two guards he wanted to join as he was a fairly strong person he was quick, silent and was trained to fight from a young age. When he was 19 he returned to his sister at the inn he found the inn in ashes and no sign of her all at all, all he found was a vampire cloak that was burnt and singed he was up set and afraid of what happened he heard something ruffle in the bushes near by as it jumped out and slashed at Lockey he managed to block it barely with his sword it gashed his arm but he was to distracted to bother about it. He saw the sharp teeth on either side of his enemies mouth. He got so angry he slice of both of the attackers hands and screamed asking where they took his sister to,before he could ask again he look into the attacker eyes that were emotionless and gray, He searched the attacker and found a letter and flask of blood.The letter was about how they found a young wood elf and how they had her at a near by cave.He thought threw dozens of vampires to get to where his sister was he found her at the back of the cave she was paralyzed bleeding out of her arm that looked like a sword cut and a bite on the left side of her neck.He heard a voice of a man behind him he turned to see a young man and a old man both vampires he asked them what they did to his sister they replied saying they had to saved her and that it was the only way if they left her she would die. They explained how she was poisoned and they had to suck out the poison and spit it out or she would have died they needed to turn her into a vampire to keep her alive.
Best Memory - When he and his sister where drinking a hot beverage with there carer the inn keeper on a warm summers night.
Worst Memory - When his parents where killed and all him and his sister could do was watch and cry grabbing onto each other for comfort.
Skills - Silent on his feet he wields two swords quickly and deadly.Perfect precision with a bow
Challenges for the Character - Hes reckless and jumps straight into things he doesn't understand.
Birthsign The Thief
Religious ViewsNone doesn't care as long as it doesn't get in his way
Politics Views Same as religious views
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