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Ebonheart Pact
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Don't fight if you can avoid blood or war, But if you must make War, do so with all your Heart and Might. Leave it at Threats if Threats be enough - but never make threats you are unwilling to carry to conclusion if required. Use all the arts at hand. But ever keep the true purpose in mind. Stand Tall, but never forget how to bend your knee to help another.The First Scroll of Baan Dar

Name: Locrine
Epithet: Sometimes called Dar – meaning clever in Ta’agra, and also because of its association with Baan Dar, the god of trickery and beggars.
Race: Bosmer
Sex: Male
Age: Born 2E 562
Birthsign: The Steed
Religious Views: Locrine largely ignores the Gods, he’s never had time for prayer or religion. However, he occasionally invokes Baan Dar’s name in irritation or exasperation. Indeed, he believes as do some scholars, that Baan Dar is not a god but a way of life.
Political Views: If he was forced to pick a side, Locrine would fight for the Ebonheart Pact. But he isn’t forced to do any such thing, and is more concerned with the Daedric threat than with political infighting and wars.
Occupation: Scholar, Mage, Adventurer, Thief.
Faction: The Mages Guild, The Thieves Guild, The Scenarist’s Guild.

Appearance: Locrine's skin is tanned, his face is unscared and clean shaven. He wears his black hair shoulder length. He has sharp features, clean cheekbones and a narrow chin framing a wedge shaped face. His gently slanting eyes are amber orbs set into copper, and along with his nose and mouth are a little softer than the rest of his face, lessening an otherwise hard appearance. Like his forest dwelling kin Locrine is lithe, dexterous and short. He stands 5'7 and weighs 161 lbs.

Equipment: Locrine favours simple, tough clothing fit for travel and adventure. Practical boots, dark faded hide trews and woolen shirt, sleeveless leather tunic are near constant apparel, while he wears a decorated, hooded mantle in the Khajiit style, and a green cloak riddled with useful pockets. He carries lockpicks in his left boot, a practical utility knife on his belt and an imitation Akaviri katana on his right hip. On his belt are a series of pouches, and he travels with a tough leather knapsack.

Personality: Locrine is rash and impulsive and mischievous, with enormous near-obsessive curiosity. There is a degree of amorality about him, laws and social conventions do not seem to register and nor do consequences. He is also an educated, intelligent mer with a proud, argumentative streak a mile wide. He possesses the world-weary cynicism of a much older person, based around practicality and survival. Nevertheless, he is a good conversationalist, persuasive and witty. When he chooses, he turns these traits to insults and mockery. He enjoys getting one over on people, even his friends, especially his foes. This penchant for poking fun at people often backfires, and he can also carry grudges to a level of childish absurdity. His flair for the dramatic occasionally leads to the adoption of a persona, potent wizard being the most common. He uses this to manipulate people, an activity he enjoys.

Loves: Magic, paradoxes, conversation, music, roadside inns, displays of cleverness, feeling like a hero.

Hates: The nobility, enclosed spaces, guards, pointless traditions, those who act like his superior.

Skills: Locrine trained in swordsmanship in the Redguard tradition briefly, but he is by no means a master. His magical skills are better developed if similarly focused, he prefers to use runes and magical constructions which trap or disorient his foes. On occasion he deals with foes more directly with lightning strikes. Finally, he is an accomplished pickpocket and lockpicker, aided by his natural Bosmeri dexterity.

Challenges for the Character: Locrine is a lone wolf in every sense, and is often too proud to ask for aid. He is used to doing important things himself, often abandoning his companions in favor of independent action. His talent for getting into trouble outweighs his talent for getting out of it. While he is largely devoid of arrogance, his confidence and risk taking is prone to backfire, he rarely operates on the assumption that he is incorrect or ignorant of pertinent factors. In skirmishes or single combat he is an adept swordsman, but a real battle he is at a severe disadvantage.


Locrine was born in 562 of the Second Era into a wealthy Bosmeri merchant family in Woodhearth. His mother and father traded extensively with the Altmer, and their fortunes improved exponentially as closer relations were fostered. Determined that their son would continue their successes and be capable of conducting business with the Altmer, they submitted their son to an Altmeri education. His face was shaped and sculpted by Altmer Chirurgeons , his strangely haughty features are one result. This education was rigid and all encompassing, but Locrine skipped lessons to explore and wander, preferring to delve into the many districts of Woodhearth or read a light hearted tale of heroic deeds. His frequent antics were an embarrassment to his parents, and they clashed regularly, Locrine showing a spirited tenacity that bellied his young age. The youngster also showed irrepressible and completely unpardonable curiosity about so very many things his Altmeri instructors believed he shouldn’t, magic, music, and the culture of others. The more they tried to shape him as acceptable to the Altmer, the more he seemed to deviate. He’d long set his heart on learning the mysteries of Tamriel, the Dwemer, the nature of magic, and the planes of Oblivion. But such were not the preoccupations of wealthy merchants.

He tried to run away aged ten, but was caught. From that moment he was under constant supervision, which merely increased his claustrophobic feeling and his displeasure with authority, even though he was still only a child. Moreover, his attitude was beginning to run off on his younger brother. One day when Locrine was nearly thirteen, his father took him down the docks to inspect outgoing shipments. His father was called away to inspect something, Locrine slipped aboard a trading vessel bound for Skyrim. As with many wealthy young men, he carried enough money on him daily to pay his passage. Arriving some weeks later in Riften, he was mugged within an hour of arrival. Penniless, a child in a foreign climes, he quickly slipped to the gutter and took to a life of begging and petty, desperate theft. His natural dexterity served him well, though subsistence was all he could ever achieve, often by the barest of margins. His old curiosity and love of intellectual pursuits withered in the face of the struggle to survive. During one especially harsh winter, he was once again mugged and stripped of his days earnings. Found shivering and bloodied in the street, he was thrown in prison by a guardsman, who claimed that he had attempted to pick his pocket. It was only after a few days of free meals and dry bedding did Locrine realise it had been an act of kindness. Finally able to rest and recover after nearly three years of feverish focus on survival, he found himself still to have a burning curiosity. When he returned to Riften’s streets, he was a man revived. He made contact with the thieves Guild and worked his way into their ranks, taking every contract he could. After a while he left Riften, having made enough money to travel as he wished.

Able to pursue, and once again focused on, his childhood dreams, Locrine headed out of Skyrim were he knew he might have some small reputation as a thief, to the warmer climes of Cyrodiil. He intended to study in the Mage’s guild, but when he finally arrived, he discovered that the Guild is not for beginning your magical education. One is expected to show capabilities in all seven schools of magic, as well as practical ability in Alchemy and Enchanting. So Locrine set out on the road. He lived hand to mouth for a while, learning skills, picking up useful talents, and seeking out those skilled in the magical arts who would give him instruction, as well as studying for several months in a Redguard school of the Way of the Sword. After this he was able to take jobs of various kinds, mercenary, caravan escort, and he also took occasional contracts from the Thieves Guild. He found himself in Solitude and spent several months learning to play and sing, partly because of its usefulness, partly because of its glamour. With this second revenue source open to him, his life on the road was relatively pleasant. He toured Elsweyr and took great interest in the tribal teachings of Baan Dar, but felt no pull toward his own folk or his own homeland of Valenwood. After the Arcane Explosion of 578, Locrine subsequently reapplied to the Mages Guild after two full years abroad in the world, staying mostly in the guildhalls of Hammerfell and High Rock. The art of spell making caught his attention too, and he dived into that with interest and characteristic obsession. In 2E 581, once his studies were well advanced he began to seek out knowledge, looking for riddles, puzzles, ruins, obscure references, anything interesting, anything arcane, anything hidden.

Recently he has been more involved with the Mages Guild's fight against the Daedra in Cyrodiil, while he also joined the Scenarist's Guild, fellow adventurers and bards from all walks of life. He performs infrequent services for the Guild which are similar to those he undertakes for the Mages Guild.

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