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Looking for 3 companions!

Started by branman2012
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Aldmeri Dominion
Looking for 3 people to Quest with! Already have one, Would be awesome to group up and smash through ESO with some more peeps :)

Lvl 10 Nightblade Khajiit
Lvl 18 Sorcerer High Elf
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Aldmeri Dominion
Me: Aelenshaard Lv25 Templar dps/heal avail. days/eves/weekends EDT currently. You do mean NA, right? Oh I see you are in Canada.
I can also call in my wife: Lv17 Sorcerer dps avail EDT eve's and weekends only.
but she doesn't do well with groups outside as she likes to wander off alone. So keep that for just certain instances.
I am currently in Grahtwood with only 1-2 Grahtwood Qs left undone though. I just tried BC again last weekend, and the 4 of us made it to the final boss man, but alas couldn't get him. It was awesome minutes long battles though. I kept healing mostly, and reviving allies a couple of times. I changed to dps when 2 others died. My "Aedric shards" ranged combat looks pretty awesome, and gives you stamina if you "grab" the shard; but my primary dps is the more powerful Aedric spear (morphed to crescent).
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Skyrim conquerer. Morrowind and Oblivion vet. Long-time single-player computer gamer W/custom-made hi-perf OCd PC. Mostly RTS and a few action games.
Noob to MMOs.
Crappy satellite Internet very laggy pings 700-1000 not god for gaming, can't play most online games but ESO works good enough.
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