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Looking for DC guild -PC//NA//EST

Started by Devotion
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Hey there james here aka devo, age 26, prior military. Looking for a avg sized guild or brand new guild. Must not be a gaming community or a zerg guild, sorry i'm not into the whole being just another member of 200+ peeps that you don't know.

A little about me:

Prior mmo exp:
eq and eq2
guildwars1 and 2
final fantasy xi and xiv
Forsaken world

I'm more of a pvp guy, that likes to raid and do endgame content as well. That being said if your a guild that does that crazy DKP looting shit, not intrested lol.

I'm been downrange twice, i'm engaged, i cuss alot on voip, i'm a loud and crazy guy that likes to joke around, and get shit done

i'm looking for a semi-hardcore guild that has a website,voip, and a clear and direct goal in mind, a guild thats not a community or a zerg (remember open to brand new guilds as well) has to be 18+

what you get from me:
A active,loyal and imo skilled player, with leadership qualities in RL (E-5 army, General manager at a irrigation company atm) and leadership qualities in-game (have either a guild-leader or a officer in every guild i've been in) that is a dedicated tank and healer in Pve Content and a healer or ranged dps in PvP content.

please msg me with details and a link to your guild. Have a great Day/Night!
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