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Looking For Group - the comic

Started by Skrofler
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I just came to think about Looking For Group. I read it when it was brand new back in 2006-07 and then forgot about it. It's a comic using a lot of fantasy/MMO sterotypes. Richard, the warlock, is just adorable and after page two I was hooked. I seem to remember the series get a bit more serious after a while though (you know, with a plot) but that might suit some tastes too.

Have fun reading!

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Thanks for sharing! Checking it out now :) I think I've seen a few of them posted randomly on Facebook etc. but never looked at the series as a whole.

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I know them since the beginning and read every tuesday the new one but I lost track long ago. It became a little bit confusing.
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Hey, Hey I´ll add that to the what webcomics you read thread ;)

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