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Looking for Guilds with which to Ally.

Started by Gilidarius
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I am the PvP commander for the Order of the Talons, an Aldmeri Dominion guild on the North American server. We currently have about 100 members, and, we are still growing. PvP is an important element of the game for us. As such, we are looking to establish alliances with other Aldmeri Dominion guilds, in order to strengthen the Aldmeri's possessions in Cyrodiil.

My hope is to be able to coordinate PvP nights and missions with allied guilds, so that our attacks are timed, precise and more effective. We currently PvP on Fridays and will likely increase our PvP activity, as more of our members reach the level cap. We have moved our home campaign to Celarus to see how well it will play, but, we are flexible and will consider moving to other servers, if the need arises.

If you are interested in an alliance, please message me and we can establish an in-game communication.
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