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Looking for people to play with

Started by CalebZachary
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I did not play the beta of the game, and I purchased it last night after seeing some more info on and reviews. I went with the deluxe edition. I am just looking for some people to show me the ropes and play with. I am in California so PST, and I am usually able to play from about 7:30ish through 11:30 PST. So if anyone is online at these times, and wouldn't mind helping out I'd appreciate it! :)

Not sure If there is a way to add people or not, I just downloaded the game last night and did not get to play.
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You need to get out of ColdHarbour before you can team up with anybody, and then there are some places where you cannot group (a few dungeons). However, you might want to read up on a few beginner tips from various sites. The most important being how to distribute your skill points.

There are two distinctly different ways to play the game: PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (vs Environment, meaning fight AI) a.k.a. endgame a.k.a. solo a.k.a. story. Which do you want to try? It doesn't matter much until Lv10 though, bc that's what you need to make before you can go to Cyrodiil for PvP. But it would be good to find someone that has the same interest as yourself to team up with. And to that point: Are you interested in Role Playing (RP)? If so, then you will want to talk to every NPC at length, something other ppl don't want to do; another point to consider when teaming. Your teammate will get bored while you spend time RPing and may want to leave you - if he doesn't like RP. And to team up you need to be the same alliance, and near the same char level (otherwise he will not see the same NPCs that you do at given places). FYI.

I have already previously written the following (copy & pasted):

1. Don't spread your skill points out in many places. Specialize in 2 or 3 attack methods, try to put the vast majority of your skill points there; at least to Lv16 (IDK past that). Make those attack methods one melee, one area-of-effect (AoE) to kill groups of baddies, and later (see below) a ranged attack. Get a major ability ASAP (should be about Lv7). It is better to "morph" a skill rather than start a new skill line. Save up a skill point or two around Lv4-6, you will need it to unlock a new and much better skill line that you need; such as Aedric Javelin for the Templar - you need some kind of good ranged attack too. Every half dozen or more skill points you can put one on something else, perhaps armor and a racial perk. You can also put one skill point into some crafting perk such as keen eye for ores if you are heavy armor physical damage fighter, or keen eye for fibrous plants if you are light armor centric such as I recommend for Templar or Sorcerer; at about Lv5. Otherwise, spend those skill points on three attack skill lines max.

2. I have read that it is very hard to develop a Nightblade solo. They need a group support. So if you are not grouping, Nightblade is not a good choice. So choose your char class carefully.
Racial Bonus Comparison - Tamriel Foundry

3. Get ALL the skyshards possible - and remember there are skyshards on the tutorial islands! Use skyshard cheat maps to get them all - I cannot stress the importance of getting ALL the skyshards enough! I recommend:

4. You can specialize in conventional weapons if you like. But as an alternative you can specialize in magical attacks. When doing so, you can (but don't have to) use a "destruction staff" instead of a conventional weapon (after you get out of Coldharbour, unless you get one as loot in Coldharbour). Staves fire magical attacks, ranged (at some distance), without needing recharging (except for any enchantments added). You can also use skill lines in the staves. The "restoration staff" a.k.a. "healing staff" is more used to support groups of 4 or more. If you choose this way, you may not even want to use conventional weapons.

5. Personally I don't recommend specializing in bows until Lv15 when you can swap weapons (2 sets only) during combat - although some ppl say they have had great success at it by jumping and rolling to gain distance on their opponent during combat. There are magical ranged attacks you can attain that are a good alternative, such as the aforementioned Aedric Javelin for the Templar.

6. Don't take the planning ahead too seriously, as you will likely start another char anyway after you get to Lv8-10 as you will know more about what you want and what works at that time.

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Hey man, thanks for the tips I appreciate it. :)
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