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Started by Took an arrow in the knee
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)

Surname-Doesn't use one



Age-1637 (partly due to magic)


Faction-Cult of Hermaeus Mora, Aldmeri Dominion, former Necromancer and member of the Mages Guild and Psijic order (he never really visits he just received training with them).

Appearance-Tall with golden-blond hair that is just beyond shoulder length. Slender and athletic looking but not overly strong, with intense gold eyes.

Equipment-Wears robes similar to those of the Psijic Order that he got from his mentor though his are purple-blue and wears a poncho (it looks like the thing on the archmage's robes from skyrim I can't really describe it) overtop of the same color, sometimes wears quilted white robes for partially formal attire or while in a place of study. His weapon of choice is a longsword of elvish quality and has several enchantments on it that drains its victims strength and endurance and leaves them vulnerable to magic.

Personality-Haughty and condescending when aggravated but generally calm and calculating and can be cold to strangers who directly approach him though he is respectful and knowledgeable towards friends and colleagues and cunning and malicious to his enemy's and is very intelligent. Rather impatient also, never really seems to stay in one place for too long before moving on to something else and can't stand boredom.

Backstory-Raised in the Summerset isles he trained as a mage at the crystal tower and was mentored by a member of the Psyjic order and was later taught on Artaeum and became a member of the order and became an experienced destruction mage and conjeror. While he was well rounded in all schools of magic he always had a thirst for more knowledge and soon fell into necromancy and became a follower of Mannimarco. After several years of that though he began to feel confined to the hideouts of the necromancers and their limited resources and left them to pursue studying the Daedra and quickly became fascinated by Hermaeus Mora and resolved to join a cult he heard about in the isles that followed Hermaeus Mora. While he gained much knowledge from his time there he began to tire of that too and returned to the Crystal tower and was employed there for several years as a caretaker and librarian. During those years he read an old tome containing knowledge on how to open portals to different planes of Oblivion he then decided he would travel the realms of Oblivion and successfully traveled to the realms of Sheogorath, Molag-Bal, and Hermaeus Mora where he collected an impressive amount of "souvenirs". He stayed longer than intended in Apocrypha, nearly a year, but was astounded by the amount of knowledge contained there. While in the realm of Apocrypha he offered his soul to Hermaeus Mora so that he will live in his realm after death and serve him in exchange for more knowledge but before he could fulfill his end of the bargain his soul was stolen by Molag-Bal and he seeks to reclaim it before he dies so he can serve in Apocrypha. However he did return to Tamriel and became a wanderer, he still practices Necromancy and the arcane arts and still takes an occasional trip to Oblivion or the Crystal tower and is still a loyal follower of Hermaeus Mora but is mostly a wanderer and sightseer.

Best Memory-Learning at the Crystal tower in his youth.

Worst Memory-His accidental trip to Coldharbor and the things he witnessed there.

Skills-Experienced in all schools of magic, but specializes in Conjuration and Destruction as well as being fairly good at enchanting and alchemy.

Challenges-To be accepted by the other races of Tamriel and ignore the fact that others may not be as knowledgeable or intelligent as himself.

Birthsign-Atronach (has an enchanted ring that surpasses the stunted magika)

Political views- Believes the Dominions motives are justified and has seen Coldharbor firsthand and doesn't wish to see Tamriel pulled into that realm. However he also believes Ayrenn is to young and inexperienced to rule and fight a war and doesn't want to oppose Mannimarco, his former leader.

Religious views-follows Hermaeus Mora.
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