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Lost Orsimer here, assistance please.

Started by TheRedMatter
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I just found out about this website! Im going to be an Orsimer tank, so mace and shield for me all the way! Who wants me and who needs me most?! Im super social so just a warning. :] haha
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)

You should tell us a bit about your character here :)
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Daggerfall Covenant
Hoi @TheRedMatter! Welcome to TESOF!

I take it you are looking for a guild to join, you can do so by browsing the Guild Pages, visiting the Guild Activities forum and posting a looking for guild thread. Please read the Posting Rules over there, before you make a post.

Should you wish to say "Hi" to the community and socialize, please visit our off topic section to introduce yourself!

Enjoy your stay!

The Ghost of TESOF

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