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Lurgahk Gro-Vorguu

Started by Lurgahk
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(Featured in TESOF Roleplay Spotlight #13)

Firstname - Lurgahk
Surname - Gro-Vorguu
Title - None
Sex - Male
Race - Orsimer
Age - Lurgahk is 26 years of age. (Born on Tirdas,
Occupation - Lurgahk mainly works on and off several different jobs, often doing work for those who needs something done. However, he'll also steal valuables should the chance ever arise.
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - Lurgahk is about the average height for an Orsimer, perhaps a few centimeters shorter. He has a pale, dark green skin tone and a short brown beard that covers the entirety of his jawline. He has a few scratches and scars on the bottom right of his cheek, some of which are underlying the hair on his chin. Unlike his chin, Lurgahk's head is usually shaven.

He is not as physically intimidating as the rest of his people, as his arms are certainly not as defined as an orsimer who trains every day with weapon in hand.

Lurgahk has a preference in leather armor so that he may blend in with a crowd, while also having a bit of protection. He prefers a grey dye when it comes to the color of his armor, and he also enjoy cutting numerous pockets in his attire.

Personality - Lurgahk is a bit of an awkward one. He is not one to approach a single person, rather than a group of people. He's not very skilled in social endeavors and will often become clumsy with his words and screw up whatever it was he meant to say, which sometimes leads into an incoming fist. Although he is not comfortable around new people, he is very talkative around people he grows close with, sometimes a bit too much.

He enjoys being solitary, whether it means he is crafting blades at a forge, or testing to see if he can throw a dagger and make the point stick into the tree. Occasionally he'll invite a friend to hunt with him in the woods, or if it is someone he is very close with, a nighttime adventure.

Social Background/Backstory - Lurgahk was born into a family of wanderers. His mother was exiled from the stronghold of Zaardin. His mother's name was Lokra, and she had already had a daughter named Roshova, with the chieftan. However, Lokra had fallen in love with another resident of the stronghold named, Ugrosba. Their love affair was discovered and the chieftan forced Ugrosba to suffer the blood price until death. The chieftan, still enraged, exiled Roshova, and Lokra while she was unknowingly pregnant with Ugrosba's son. Eight and a half months later, Lokra gave birth to her son Lurgahk, by the waters near Northpoint in High Rock.

Lokra wandered the region of High Rock with her little ones for 17 years. By this time, Roshova would have already been sent off to marry another stronghold's chieftan, and her son Lurgahk would be training to surpass his father. Lokra cared much for her children, and told them stories of her time in Zaardin. She would speak to them about the great Daedric Prince Malacath, the very first orsimer of their kind. She indeed told them about the Code of Malacath, and told them to follow it to the letter. However, Lokra herself was forced to resort to petty thievery and pickpocketing in order to keep her family alive. Her children were aware of this but said nothing, for fear of upsetting their mother.

Eventually, they came across an orsimer traveler that went by the name Utoru. Utoru left his stronghold three years prior, in search of wealth and adventure, and so far he had found neither. He wished to return to his stronghold, but he could not go back simply because his quest had failed. Utoru origionally offered to take Roshova off their hands for the price of a few hundred gold pieces, his plan was to take Roshova back to his stronghold of Vorguu to marry their chieftan, hoping that would serve as pennance for his departure.

Lurgahk wished to travel with the two so that they may call Vorguu their new home. Unfortunately, Lokra knew that she was too old to bear anymore children, and thus had no purpose any longer. She'd known this for sometime now. She sent Lurgahk and Roshova off with Utoru so that they may make this stronghold their own.

The seperation from his mother appeared to be too traumatic for Lurgahk, as once he arrived at Vorguu, he began resulting to thievery in the stronghold and was caught in the act numerous times, and Lurgahk was faced with the blood price several times over. He did this origionally, because it subconciously reminded him of his mother. Eventually the young orsimer realized that he thoroughly enjoyed the risks that he would take, and he loved the adrenaline that coursed through his veins when he would grab a sheathed blade near the forge and quickly stuff it in his pocket. Eventually, after six years, Vorguu's chieftan had had enough of Lurgahk's ignorance, and exiled him for his repeated crimes against the Code of Malacath.

Eventually, through a late night adventure gone awry, the young Orc found himself in the fabled city of Orsinium. After witnessing the dozens of mighty warriors passing through the city, honor their number one value in life. Young Lurgahk was overcome by shame and regret, because of this as he realized that he had not been doing his mother proud, only tarnishing her memory. He has since vowed to give up his thieving ways so that he may bring honor to his family, and to all others in his bloodline.
Best Memories - The times when his mother would tell stories to him and his sister about her time in Zaardin.
Worst Memory - When he looked back to his mother, and she waved goodbye, as Lurgahk and Roshova rode off on horseback with Utoru.
Skills - Sneak, One Handed
Challenges for the Character - Social endeavors, Welcoming a Newcomer, Hand to Hand Combat
Birthsign - Thief
Religious Views - The only being Lurgahk is known to worship is Malacath.
Politics Views - Lurgahk obviously wishes for the victory of the Daggerfall Covenant, for he fears that if the Dominion were to win, the Orsimer would become enslaved again.
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Great bio fellow orc! I felt sorry for him ;)

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