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Lurgahk: Pleasures of a Mad Woman

Started by Lurgahk
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((Feedback and criticism would be very much appreciated.))

Prologue - Lurgahk Gro-Vorguu, the Heart Racer
Part 1 - Brutality Within the Shadows
Part 2 - A Colorless Sky and a Wandering Bard
Part 4 - Love is the Khajiit's Downfall
Part 5 - Journey to Redemption
Part 6 - Newblood

[Image: 500px-TESV_Broken_Fang_Cave.png]
Love can be such a horrible thing.

"Wake up my sweet green muffin!"

Lurgahk's lazily opened his eyes to see the ominous woman looming above him. Crust caked the edges of his eyes, something that always irritated Lurgahk when he awoke. However this time, he was unable to wipe away the filth that stained his eyes. His torso was bound in thick rope, only stopping at his wrists.

He was propped up against a stoney wall. His head throbbed in pain, and it was hard for him to make much sense of anything. He took a few deep breaths, while the woman simply stared at him. He couldn't tell whether the figure was smiling, or glaring at him in disgust. In fact, he could not even distinguish the woman's race. The only thing lighting the room was a small lantern, placed on a dusty table behind the woman.

"Rise and sh-...Oh well, I guess you can't really rise can you? That's alright, you can sit there for now. Oh! How I've missed you, my sweet! I knew you were lost in the forest! I just knew it!" The woman stopped, and just stood there in silence for a moment. Lurgahk took this time to observe his predicament.

The two seemed to be in a very large cave. To his left, there was a stone pathway that looked as if it was carved by hand. An eery blue glow radiated just around the corner of the path. He hoped it wasn't what he thought it was.

The woman shook her head quickly. "I'm sorry, love. I was just thinking about my journey that led me to find you." She let out a soft giggle. Her voice was smooth, but quick-paced, definetely not that of an Argonian woman. What accent was that?

"I tried going to the guards, but they tried to drag me off to jail! Even when I screamed that you were lost, and that I needed their help!" She paused. "But now we're back together, just as we should be!" She clapped her hands together and let out a gleeful sigh.

Lurgahk held his tongue, knowing that there was no possible way he could talk his way out of this situation. He did not know why this woman spoke to him with such affection, for her voice was not familiar to him in the slightest. She must be insane. The Orsimer knew he could not manipulate a mad woman, nor did he even have the social skills to persuade a normal woman.

The figure slowly approached Lurgahk and knelt down beside him. She was now close enough that he could see her features, which made him feel especially incompetent since he was unable to comprehend the accent of a Khajiit. She wore dark-colored robes and a hood on top of her head. Were her robes red? Or were they blue? Why did it even matter?

She put her furry hand to Lurgahk's cheek, slowly sliding it down into his beard, and back up onto his cheek. "I see you've grown a bit of fur yourself, my little honeycomb." She giggled. Lurgahk's eyes darted around the room, urgently trying to find an escape from this woman's gaze. Her eyes inspired fear in the Orc, and indeed they had the look of insanity in them. His heart pounded rapidly, as the Khajiit continued rubbing her hand across his face. The adrenaline coursing through his veins, revitalized the Orc from his hazy state. Even in this situation, he began to grin, enjoying the throbbing in his chest. Unfortunately, showing such excitement was probably the wrong thing to do when in front of a madwoman who thinks you're their lover.

The woman's smile grew until it stretched from ear to ear. "I see you finally remember me. I was afraid that little bonk on the head made you forget who I was! Can you say it with me? Faahlin" The Khajiit spoke the name slowly and cocked her head to the right, the smile still plastered on her face.

Lurgahk had no choice, he had to speak. "Faahlin."

The woman clapped her hands together. "That's right! Oh how I've missed hearing my name come from your throat. Although your voice is a bit deeper than I remember.." Once again, Faahlin procceeded with one of her dreadful, terrifying pauses. The pauses of a confused child as they try to explain what horrible deed they committed.

In this case, Lurgahk assumed that Faahlin's moments of silence was her mind trying to forget about her own blood-stained deeds...
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