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Lurks-In-Shadows (redone)

Started by Epicface
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Ebonheart Pact
Name - Lurks-In-Shadows.

Title - 'The Black Arrow'

Sex - Male.

Race - Argonian.

Age - 30, born some time in the Second Seed.

Occupation - Thief, occasional assassin, full time adventurer.

Faction - Ebonheart Pact.

Equipment - Lurks-In-Shadows carries two daggers at all times, and one bow with plenty of arrows. His quiver, specially designed for him, has a few different slots, each with different sorts of arrows. He often uses simple steel arrows, as they are very plenteous, but he uses high quality ones when he must. In each slots the different arrows are coated with a different sort of poison. In one it has basic, painful poison that, if the arrow itself doesn't kill, the poison almost certainly will. He also has arrows coated with a paralyzing toxin, and he uses it when he needs to get a quick getaway and needs to incapacitate a certain target. Of both of these arrows, there is a small amount of them, so he only uses them in emergencies, otherwise he uses normal arrows. His bow has taken on the name of 'Celeritus'. For most of actual combat, however, he uses his two daggers. One is a straight, normal dagger which has been dubbed 'Umbra'. He uses it for killing from the shadows, as it is extremely sharp on the point and on a specific side, which he uses for slitting throats or plunging the dagger in the target. On the other hand, he uses a half sword, half dagger which has taken the title of 'Carnifex'. This one is, as you would expect, longer and stronger than the normal dagger, so he uses it for combat. It is somewhat curved, and he made it so because he learned that curved blades are harder to heal, as the wound deeply damages the inside and causes heavier internal damage than a straight sword. His armor is generally plain leather or sometimes he dons his Thieves Guild attire.
Note: The titles each mean something in Latin. Celeritus means speed, haste, and things like that. Umbra means shadow, shade, hidden, etc. Carnifex means executioner, hangman, or torturer, due to the curved blade which causes great pain caused internally that is very hard to heal.

Skills - As one would guess by looking at his name, profession, and equipment, he is rather stealthy. He is used to the darkness so much that he often sees better when in it, as the light somewhat annoys him. In light you need to be very careful if you want to stay hidden, and in a place with no cover, it is practically impossible. Because of being accustomed to darkness, while his sight isn't anything great, he can detect movement very well. Aside from that, he has traits that all Argonians have, such as being practically amphibian and having a tail, which helps with balance. His toes and fingers end with claws, like the rest of his kin, and he has durable scales which are more powerful than the skin of man and mer. He has also trained himself physically, and so he can run for quite some distance or for a quick sprint. He also knows how to climb particularly well, having trained with the trees in his homeland of Argonia.

Appearance - Lurks-In-Shadows looks rather normal, with dark green skin speckled with black. His eyes are yellow with black slits, like the rest of his kind. The only true qualities that set him somewhat apart from other Argonians is that he stands taller than most and he is somewhat lacking in the horn department. He is thin but athletic, having grown accustomed to running long distances and climbing tall obstacles. He has one long scar starting from just below his chin on the left side, ending above his right eye. There are many rumors about this scar, but more on that later.

Personality - Lurks tends to keep to himself. He doesn't often become too attached to others, seeing as how he would just as quickly steal their coin purse than start a conversation. Among is short amount of friends, however, he proves extremely loyal. In his mind it is his duty to keep them alive, as without friends his life would prove far less worthwhile, and he knows this. To strangers he is very quiet and only talks if necessary. He asks many questions so as to get all the information he needs or wants, as the more information, the better. On the flip side to his normally closed personality, he often views everything as a game to be played, unless it is something extremely bad or against those he calls friends. He also somewhat desires a short, happy life as opposed to a long one full of sadness, and because of this he doesn't often dwell on the past or future, but instead lives in what he calls the now.

Social Background/Backstory - Lurks-In-Shadows speaks little of his past, deciding that what is done is done, and what matters is the now. Even so, nothing can exist without having a past, and the same can be said for Lurks. He was born in Argonia, in a town and to parents he cares not to name. He never really bonded with them, preferring the company of a childhood friend, Im-Kur. With him he learned to climb, swim, and run better. He played, worked, and trained with him, and they both eventually turned to a life of crime, stealing to go by. It went like this for a while, until they were caught and kept as prisoners. They escaped and ran from the townsmen, ran and ran until they were out in the wild of Argonia; not exactly a safe place, even for Argonians. They kept going north-westward, entering the assorted towns and cities along the way, making names for themselves. Im-Kur, the magic-wielding assassin and thief, casting spells like a warrior used his sword. Lurks-In-Shadows, his partner in crime, a natural thief, augmenting his skills with nothing but wit. From that point, his backstory would best be recited as a saga of thefts and heists, until he reached Cyrodiil. At around 20 years of age, he separated from his friend and started travelling the world on his own. He stole a great deal, got captured, and escaped from every city at Cyrodiil in his prime, but eventually he decided to go more clean, stealing only to return, stealing only for a challenge. The rest would be the future, and as we all know, Lurks-In-Shadows looks at the now, for everything else is too terrible to imagine!

Note: The backstory isn't really fleshed out, as one might tell, I focused more on the other sections... but I'm planning on creating some stories on the Library to give it some more detail, each perhaps on a heist he and Im-Kur pulled off in Argonia, or perhaps an adventure in Cyrodiil he had by himself or with new found friends.

Best Memory - These are the perhaps the only things that Lurks looks to the past at; good memories. Practically every large heist he pulls is his best memory, and he enjoys his life too much for himself to pinpoint exactly his best one. Perhaps the best one, however, is an adventure where he and a few others traveled to Dwemer ruins, where he met others, most of whom he would grow to call friend.

Worst Memory - Lurks tends to not dwell on memories, particularly the bad ones. Arguably his worst one was when his best friend, Im-Kur, was nearly going to be killed. He was saved, of course, by Lurks, but still, the memory haunts him on the times he looks back.

Challenges for the Character - Though it may seem dramatic or random, truly his greatest challenge is not going crazy. With so many things to steal and so much adventure to seek, he sometimes feels like it overloads his mind, and in response to that he sates it by doing things others would not find completely safe. It takes all his will to hold him back from going on a spree, stealing and killing all he can before being killed himself.

Birthsign - The Shadow.

Religious Views - He, like other Argonians, holds Sithis in high regard, and worships the Hist. Aside from that, he has no religious views.

Politics Views - He doesn't really care much for the war. Of course it makes Cyrodiil, his previous area of most action far more dangerous, but overall he isn't affected much by the war, in his mind.
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