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Lygmun, the Silver-Tongued Sorcerer

Started by Lurgahk
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((Although I don't completely agree with Zenimax's decisions as of late, I am very excited with the addition of the Imperials as a bonus, so I decided to make a character. Please correct me if I'm wrong regarding anything that seems out of place regarding the backstory.))

Firstname - Lygmun (Lig-mun)
Surname - Palerus (Pal-air-us)
Title - None
Sex - Male
Race - Imperial (Colovian)
Age - 24 (Born on Fredas, 6th day of Sun's Height, 2E 254)
Occupation - Lygmun is a former soldier of the Imperial Legion, and currently has no permanent occupation, however occasionally he'll perform menial labor for friendly people he comes into contact with when traveling to different cities.

Faction - Lygmun is currently apart of no specific faction, however he has strongly contemplated joining one the factions that would best benefit his scattered people.

Appearance -
From the outside, Lygmun appears as an average Imperial. His skin is rough and tan, its tone similar to that of a Nord's but not quite as pink. He has dark brown hair that can almost appear black from a distance. His eyes are a light blue, and he has a flat pointed nose, with his nostrils only having a small amount of width. Like most Colovians, his facial features are well defined, as if chiseled from stone. He does his best to sport a clean shave as he detests feeling the little hair fibers constantly rubbing against his skin. He a small scar starting at the bottom of his chin and going towards his chin.

Lygmun's physique is fairly standard, however he leans a little more on the thin side. He boasts no bulging muscles the size of a Bosmer's head like a Nord might, but they are fairly defined under his armor. He once wore a majority of leather armor, however he's recently grown accustomed to wearing a combination of cloth and plate armor.

Personality - As a teenager, Lygmun considered himself not only a talented wielder of magic, but also naturally gifted in the arts of silver-tongued sorcery. If you couldn't already tell, he thought very highly of his abilities in spellcraft and himself in general.

Often he'd make mediocre jokes about a situation's inconvenience or some other type of humor. An example of what type of humor he'd be prone to spewing when confronting a creature such as Troll might be: "Perhaps under all of that fur, there is be a beautiful woman... Quick! Friend, get me a shaving knife and a bucket!" He is loyal to the grave, and is willing to do anything for an ally in need once he's established a firm relationship with them.

His pride for the Legion and his people had no bounds, which is why the corruption of his people has been truly devastating to the young Colovian. For a boy who had grown up around the Imperial Legion his entire life, and had learned to admire the gleaming silver armors of its soldiers, the malevolent deeds his people had committed fills his heart with grief and excruciating pain.

He now refers to himself as a true soldier of the Imperial Legion, who fights for the greater good to help his people return to their former glory. Despite his somewhat humorous attitude, after the corruption of his people, Lygmun has grown more sadistic than ever before, sometimes 'playing' with his victims before he sends them to their deaths.

Social Background/Backstory - Lygmun was born and raised in the bustling streets of the Market District, located in none other than the Imperial City.

His father was a simple produce merchant, named Calorus. Lygmun's mother was a soldier in the Imperial Legion, and a fine one at that. Her name was Telivia, and Lygmun admired everything about her. She strode about, walking with authority and confidence, proud of the fact that she was the one who defended these people. Often she would be forced to travel far away from the city, tasked with defending a town from bandits or simply guarding a city whose guards were unreliable. When she was home, she would nurture her son, and at times she'd even teach him techniques using swordplay. Lygmun often wondered why Calorus never joined the Legion himself, as he was a stoic and hardy man. Yet he'd rather spend his time putting on a fake smile to lure customers towards his stall. It never made sense to Lygmun.

As Lygmun grew to the age of 14, he developed an interest in magic. Eventually, his father enrolled him into the city's Arcane University.At first, the young Colovian struggled immensely. He was unable to wrap his mind around the concepts of magic and often grew extremely confused at even the most basic forms of spellcraft. 'Why does this ball of light form in my hand? Why isn't it a beam? Does it come from the Sun? Would the Sun die out if we stole all its light? ' Questions like these nearly drove Lygmun insane. After months of practice, Lygmun finally stopped asking himself questions that he could never know the answers to, and as soon as he did this, he began to advance very fast in the Clever Craft. He was particularly fond of the subject of Destruction. This was not because he liked burning down buildings and villages, but he was enthralled by the lightning he was able to conjure. The former apprentice had no risen to the title of 'Apprentice', and he was as boastful as ever because of it. Eventually at the age of 16, to help elevate his magical prowess to an even higher level, he was sent to "The Premier Wayrest Academy of Magic and its Uses" in High Rock.

Unfortunately, Lygmun became prone to terrible, terrible nightmares. In them he saw armies of monstrous Daedra, all standing miles away, peering at the Imperial city with an insatiable look in their eyes. At times, the Daedric armies would flash, and suddenly become the undead. Sometimes his dreams would be these armies raiding the Imperial City and slaughtering all of his family, and the friends he's come to know. Other times, he would be standing outside in the Market District's streets, only something would be different. The sky was a dark, sinister blue, and the unusually cold air reeked of death. He'd always ignored these dream, and brushed them off as nothing more than foolish nightmares.

In the year of 2E 578, Lygmun's world was shattered. A mystical explosion erupted within the White-Gold Tower, and spread across the entire Imperial City. He could remember the mages' screams... Some died immediately, while others began speaking complete and utter nonsense. Only a few of them were left unaffected. These that were untouched looked horribly petrified. Only minutes later, after checking everyone to make sure they are alright, Lygmun slowly walked outside, afraid that he'd see corpses lined all along the streets, but as soon as he stepped out the door, his father was rushing towards him with three large sacks. His father told him that an explosion such as that is not a simple mistake in casting a spell, that it was unnatural and evil. Lygmun threw two of the sacks over his back and they hastily left the City with no idea of where they should go.

As they wandered about, Calorus was murdered by a group of bandits that had been watching the road southwest of the Imperial City. Lygmun himself barely made it out of the attack alive. It was a devastating loss to the young sorcerer, but eventually he found himself in Anvil, the town Telivia said she'd been sent to guard. When he arrived, Lygmun's mother was no where to be found. He currently has no clue as to the whereabouts of his mother, and presumed her dead. After living with a Dunmer named Ulros for two years in a house outside of Wayrest, the vengeance festering inside him could not be contained any longer. He set out to seek revenge on the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal. His own problem now, was that he must decide which of the factions have the best chance of taking back the Imperial City.

Best Memory - Achieving the rank of Evoker at the Arcane University.
Worst Memory - Watching his father's blood stream out onto the grass, turning the dirt a painful crimson.
Skills - Lygmun considers his abilities much more advanced than they really are. Despite this, he is quite talented with manipulating magical energies, specifically destruction magic. He actually does not know a healing spell as he believes that if he studies offensive magic enough, his foes would be obliterated before they could harm him. His preferred weapons are his staff, which is used to amplify his abilities, and the two swords he carries at his hip. He is fairly good in this type of swordplay but will only resort to it if the situation demands it. Despite his arrogant demeanor, he is particularly exceptional in social endeavors. When his job is to play nice and make friends, he throws on a fake smile and starts mingling. When his job is to be a total jerk, he can do so with ease. He is also very intelligent, while it may now show due to the fact that he often makes ignorant decisions, sometimes he does so, simply because he doesn't care or he wants to have a bit of fun.
Challenges for the Character - Lygmun's arrogance is a huge weakness, as it makes him a person that not many like when the initially interact with him. Often he'll say only a few words, and wind up in a fist fight with three hundred pound Nord. He is extremely impulsive and almost never thinks about the consequences of his actions. Due to this, he is prone to not backing down from unwinnable fights. If Lygmun's foes were twenty three frost atronachs, four scamps, and Sheogorath, he'd charge into a fight with glee. Although he knows basic techniques, he is certainly not an expert in hand to hand combat, and if a foe gets in a close proximity of him, he is likely to lose the battle.
Birthsign - Lygmun was born under "The Apprentice" birthsign.
Religious Views - Lygmun currently praises no gods, as believes they've all forsaken him.
Politics Views - At this point, Lygmun simply wishes for his people to be reunited once again. He is beginning to favor the Daggerfall Covenant as their intentions seem the most benevolent to him. He also has a liking towards the Aldmeri Dominion, however he has an underlying fear that the elves will enslave mankind once again. He doesn't have any faith in the Ebonheart Pact due to the unlikely coalition of its most populated races, the Dunmer, Argonians, and Nords.
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