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Mage of Shrouds

Started by Mage
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Faction & Race:
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First Name - Marik
Surname - Jost
Title - Mage of Shrouds
Sex - Male
Race - Breton
Age - 20
Occupation(s) - Assassin and Merchant
Faction- None
Appearance - 6 Feet tall, often in hooded Robes
Personality - Calm and Content
Backstory/ Background - Under Development
Best Memory - Seeing the chard remains of the assassin whom had killed Falen, Marik's younger brother.
Worst Memory - Watching the deaths of Marik's mother.
Skills - Speech-craft, Sneak, Magic (all forms), archery, enchantment, and one-hand weapons
Challenge for the Character - Overcoming his past
Birthsign - The Shadow
Religious Views - None
Political Views - None
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The hood of a thief with the heart of a soul gem.
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