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Started by wisslewj
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Question 1: Can anyone tell me if magic effects damage by skills/staves and stamina weapon damage?

Cuz ive put some stat points in my stamina stat yet it says that my magic damage is still equal to my physical damage? It seems the stamina/magic stat do nothing except give me a pool to draw from. Is that true?

Question 2: After about 6 or so hours of playing it seems to me that...if indeed magic/stamina affect damage output...when creating a character its best to load up health and then buff with armor etc 1 primary stat.

In other words...pick one thing to be ur damage dealer. Say a bow. So if i wanna rock a bow i have to buff stamina. My skills then...being magic and hence weaker since i upped stamina...are more utilty.

So by loading health and stamina i end up with a character that can hit hard with weaopon, has decent survivability and magic/skills as a utility (and i know some damage as well).

Am i understanding this right?
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