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Main quest completed?

Started by RedZephon
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Hey Guys, I started playing ESO in beta and then right when it was released and I was working on the main quest. I stopped playing after a while because I didn't want to pay for the subscription. Then when Tamriel Unlimited came out, I thought I would come back and play. But now it seems that my character has completed the main quest. Before I quit, Lyris was still locked up in cold harbour and I was still working with the Prophet to finish the main quest. Now Lyris is back and the Prophet and Lyris both talk to me as if I have finished the main quest. Have I missed something with the update that I don't know about?
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I cant answer your post but if you explain your problem a bit more then maybe i can. Have you met Sai Sahan and Abnur Tharn yet?

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