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Major Events Prior TESO
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This article is my best attempt to summarize major events happened in Tamriel up until the Interregnum, the timeline in which TESO is set in. Feel free to point out any mistakes.

Dawn Era

There are only several books that describe the dawn era, among them are The Monomyth, Annotated Anuad, Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi to her Favored Daughter, and Before the Ages of Man .

According to Before the Ages of Man Dawn Era is the beginning of mortal time where the feats of the gods take place, it ends with the exodus of the gods and magic from the world and the founding of Adamantine Tower.

The Creation

At first the cosmos was formed out of the Aurbis (the shade in between Anu and Padomay) by Anu(a force/being that represent static,order,light,etc.) and Padomay(a force/being that represent chaos,void,change,etc.)

After that spirits began to form in Aurbis, the first of them is Akatosh the time god.

"The magical beings of Mythic Aurbis live for a long time and have complex narrative lives, creating the patterns of myth.
These are spirits made from bits of the immortal polarity. The first of these was Akatosh the Time Dragon, whose formation made it easier for other spirits to structure themselves. Gods and demons form and reform and procreate."
-The Monomyth

These spirits are called et'ada the original spirit (The Monomyth)

After this events, each version of creation differs from each other but ultimately tell the tale of how a spirit named Lorkhan tricked/convinced the other et'ada to create the mortal plane. The most well known believe can be seen in the book The Monomyth.

The Great Stabilizing

Some time after the creation according to the bosmeri believe another of the et'ada Y'ffre came and become the first of the ehlnofey to stabilize things so people won't change into plant and animals and back again. (Varieties of Faith in the Empire)

Lorkhan's Demise

According to Elven Creation Myth Lorkhan was punished and his heart was ripped from his body by Trinimac Auriel's greatest knight and the strongest of Aldmeri ancestor spirit. However Auriel and Trinimac are unable to destroy the heart due to it being "the heart of the world", and thus Auriel fastened the thing to an arrow and let it fly into the sea.(The Monomyth) The book Before the Ages of Man however describe it that the heart was thrown from the Adamantine Tower and where it landed a volcano formed.

Merethic Era

According to Before the Ages of Man Merethic Era is "the Era of the Elves" a prehistoric era numbered in reverse started after the exodus of the gods and magic at the founding of Adamantine Tower in Merethic Era (from here on shall be referred as ME for short) 2500 and ends at Merethic Era 1, a year before the founding of Camoran Dynasty.

The Founding of Adamantine Tower, ME 2500

The start of Merethic Era, the founding of the oldest structure in Tamriel Adamantine Tower on Balfiera Island in High Rock. Supposedly happens in ME 2500 according to King Harald's bards (Before the Ages of Man)

The Migration of the Elves, Middle Merethic Era

The Aldmers left their doomed homeland of aldmeris and settle in Tamriel, later the Adamantine Tower is rediscovered and captured by the powerful Aldmeri Clan, the Direnni. Crystal Tower and White Gold Tower is constructed in Summerset and Cyrodiil respectively. A group of the aldmers settle in the jungle around the white gold tower (these areas are now known as Cyrodiil) and formed their own culture, these elves called themselves the Ayleids (Wild Elven).
(Before the Ages of Man)

The Period of High Velothi Cultures, Late Middle Merethic Era

The Chimer, ascendant of the present day Dunmer left in an exodus to Morrowind following the prophet Veloth who thought the way of Summerset had became decadent (Lives of the Saints, A Short History of Morrowind). Later a group of free-thinking,reclusive and devoted to the secret of science, engineering, and alchemy called the Dwemer(deep one, commonly called Dwarves) settle in what now known as Morrowind, and establish an underground societies in the mountain range that separate present Skyrim and Morrowind (These mountain range are now known as the Velothi Mountain) (Before the Ages of Man, A Pocket Guide to the Empire and its environs 3rd edition, The Temple : Morrowind)

The Birth of Orsimer, Late Middle Merethic Era

Trinimac, the strongest ancestor spirit of the elves tried to stop the the Velothi dissident movement, however he was met with one of the mastermind behind the movement, the Daedric Prince Boethiah, Trinimac was then beaten by Boethiah, some sources even says that Boethiah ate him. After the battle Trinimac was changed, after he emerges as dung according to some sources as the Daedric Prince Malacath. His followers are also changed accordingly into the Orsimer(Pariah Folks) or Orcs.
(The True Nature of Orcs, Varieties of Faith in the Empire, The Anticipations)

Arrival of the Atmorans, Circa ME 1000

In Circa ME 1000 the Atmoran (now known as nords) led by Ysgramor migrate to Tamriel fleeing civil war from their home continent of Atmora which has been turned to barren wasteland due to the events of "the great freezing" and build one of the first men settlement in Skyrim, the city of Saarthal. (Songs of Return, Frontier, Conquest and Accommodation:A Social History of Cyrodiil University of Gwylim Press 3E 344, Night of Tears)

Fall of the Snow Elves, Circa ME 1000 - Late Merethic Era

Sometime after the migration of the nords, the Snow Elves attacked Saarthal, in an event known as Night of Tears the motive of this attack is unknown, however recent discoveries made by the College of Winterhold led to the speculation that the elves desire a powerful artifact laid in Saarthal, the Eye of Magnus.(Events of TES V : Skyrim, Night of Tears).

Ysgramor then send his two sons, Yngol and Ylgar to sail back to Atmora and gather warriors to retake Saarthal. When they went back along them was 500 warriors of Atmoran, these warriors now dubbed as 'The 500 Companions' led by Ysgramor drove the snow elves from Saarthal and retake it.(Songs of Return, Night of Tears)

Eventually the Elves was driven off from Skyrim and made a final stand is Solstheim, in what known as the Battle of the Moesring the Elves was led by an elf they call 'Snow Prince' eventually the prince was slain, although not before it cause the death of many of the Atmorans. After the battle the snow elves flee the battle and became scattered. (Fall of the Snow Prince)

War of the Crag, Late Merethic Era - 1E(First Era) 668

The aftermath of the Battle of the Moesring left the snow elves all but decimated, the remnants of the snow elves seek refuge to the dwemer in their ancient dwelling called Blackreach. Unfortunately the Dwemer are a xenophobic race and thus does not trust their guest the snow elves. The dwemer gave sanctuary to the elves but at a terrible price, the elves was fed toxic fungi grows underground which made the elves blind. The fungi was made the elves diet as to made not only them blind but their offspring as well. Thus the Snow Elves was reduced to being the slave of the Dwemer.

Eventually though, the elves rebel against the dwemer, for decades the War of the Crag was fought beneath Skyrim. Oppressor against the Slaves, the Dwemer against the Snow Elves. Finally the war ended with the disappearance of the Dwemer in 1E 668 (The Disappearance will be covered later when we reach the first era). However years of the slavery, torture, and wars, has degrade the snow elves to mindless, bloodthirsty, and brutal beasts. Feeling the need to conquer they began to raid the surface world, and was now known by another name, the Falmer of Skyrim.
(The Falmer : A Study)

The Dragon War, Sometime Between Late Merethic Era - 1E 139

In Merethic Era, the nords bring their worship of the animal god, among these animal was dragons, and indeed dragons embraced their role as god-king to these nords. With the dragon priests as their representation as the ruling king. In Atmora the dragon priests demanded tribute and lay down laws and codes that bring peace between men and dragons. On Tamriel however due to unknown reason they ruled with iron fists, and the rest of the population were made slaves.

The populace began to rebel however, but the dragon priests retaliated war was fought between the nords and the dragon priests along their dragon gods. At first the dragons and the dragon priests led by Alduin, the world-eater in nordic pantheon decimate the ranks of the nords, thousands fell to the dragons.

Later however for an unknown reason, some dragons led by Paarthurnax one of Alduin most trusted general defects and aid the humans, the Priests of the Nine Divines claim it was divine intervention. And so these dragons taught the nords how to use the thu'um, an ability to shout that will cause multitude of effects depending on the words shouted, which was unique to the dragons before the dragons defects.

The war finally end when the three nord heroes Felldir the Old, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, and Hakon One-Eye confronts Alduin on what now known as the throat of the world and managed to banish him to the time-stream by using an elder scroll.

The remnants of the priests was then scattered believing that the dragons will return someday.
(The Dragon War, Events of TES V : Skyrim, Tablets of High Hrothgar)

Emergence of the Whitestrake, Late Merethic Era

"Also during the Late Merethic Era the legendary immortal hero, warrior, sorceror, and king variously known as Pelinal Whitestrake, Harrald Hairy Breeks, Ysmir, Hans the Fox, etc., wandered Tamriel, gathering armies, conquering lands, ruling, then abandoning his kingdoms to wander again."- Before the Ages of Man

End of Merethic Era, ME 1

The Merethic Era ended in ME 1, a year before the the founding of Camoran dynasty, the founding of the Dynasty marks the beginning of the first year of first era. (Before the Ages of Man )

First Era

The first Era was started at the founding of the Camoran Dynasty, in Valenwood.(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition : All the Eras of Man, a Comprehensive History to our History, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition, The Wild Remain : Valenwood.) And ended after the assassination of the Emperor Reman III and his heirs at the hands of the Morag Tong an assassin organization based in Morrowind in 1E 2920 (2920, Last Year of the First Era)

The Founding of the Camoran Dynasty, 1E 1

The event that marks the start of the First Era, the founding of the Camoran Dynasty by King Eplear of Valenwood. This Bosmeri Kingdom under the Camoran dynasty consists of the united wild Bosmer under King Eplear, escaped Ayleid slaves, and later Escaping Ayleids from the Alessian rebellion, and the New Empire of Man after the treaty in 1E 340.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition : All the Eras of Man, a Comprehensive History to our History, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition, The Wild Remain : Valenwood.)

The Birth of the First Empire of Man, 1E 143 - 1E 240

During the reign of the thirteenth of Ysgramor's line King Harald (1E 113-1E 230), the nation of Skyrim relinquish all holdings in Atmora and became a separate people as they turned their gaze upon the conquest of the "Dawn Beauty", the continent of Tamriel.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Skyrim, Frontier, Conquest and Accommodation:A Social History of Cyrodiil University of Gwylim Press 3E 344)

Soon during the reign of King Vrage the Gifted the Kingdom started an expansion that gave birth to the first empire of man, the Empire of the Nords, that ruled all of Northern Tamriel including of present day High Rock, a large stretch of Nibenay Valley, and even Morrowind after the epic battle between the Nords and the Chimer that resulted in the Morrowind being conquered by the Empire of Nords. (A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Skyrim)

Alessian Reformation, 1E 242 - 1E 243

After the rise of the Nordic Empire in the North, the Cyrodiilic slaves rebelled against they Ayleid master, led by Alessia the 'Slave Queen', her lover Morihaus Breath-of-Kyne, and the infamous Pelinal Whitestrake.

As soon as Skyrim lend their help to the slaves the revolution succeeds the peak was when the decisive battle during the capture of the White-Gold Tower, where the lasts of the Ayleids was completely decimated along with many of their sorcerer-kings and their demons among them was Umaril the Unfeathered a sorcerer-king of the Ayleids. Although the battle was won, Pelinal Whitestrake was killed and cut into eight pieces.

After the capture of the tower Alessia declared herself the first Empress of Cyrod. To reconcile the religion differences between her subjects and her nordic supporters she introduces the religion of the Eight Divines a religion born of the merging between the nordic pantheon and the Aldmeri Pantheon.
(The Song of Pelinal, Volume 7: On His Battle with Umaril and His Dismemberment, The Adabal-a, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition : All the Eras of Man, a Comprehensive History to our History, Shezzar and the Divines)

The Covenant, 1E 266

In her deathbed, Akatosh visited Alessia and a covenant was between them. And Alessia was made the first saint of the empire

"And Akatosh drew from his breast a burning handful of his Heart's blood, and he gave it into Alessia's hand, saying, 'This shall also be a token to you of our joined blood and pledged faith. So long as you and your descendants shall wear the Amulet of Kings, then shall this dragonfire burn -- an eternal flame -- as a sign to all men and gods of our faithfulness. So long as the dragonfires shall burn, to you, and to all generations, I swear that my Heart's blood shall hold fast the Gates of Oblivion."-Trials of St. Alessia

"So long as the Blood of the Dragon runs strong in her rulers, the glory of the Empire shall extend in unbroken years. But should the dragonfires fail, and should no heir of our joined blood wear the Amulet of Kings, then shall the Empire descend into darkness, and the Demon Lords of Misrule shall govern the land.' -- from the liturgy of the Re-Kindling of the Dragonfires"-Trials of St. Alessia

The Rise of Alessian Order, 1E 361

The Alessian order an order of monotheistic religion rose led by the prophet Marukh, who claims to have receive a vision from Alessia rose to power and nearly third of the first era passed under their theocratic rule.

The gods of other pantheons was reduced to Saints and lesser Spirits and were replaced by their abstract and unknowable god.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Cyrodiil)

War of Succession, 1E 369 - 1E 420

In 1E 369 King Borgas of the Nordic Empire was killed by the Bosmeri pack of 'Wild Hunt', (the wild hunt is a form when the bosmer turns into beasts described as forest demons and animal god, however they cannot return to their previous state) for the 'iniquities' of his Alessian faith.

The moot (a system in their empire in which the representative of each holds discuss who is worthy of being a member of the royal family) fail to appoint the next king, Skyrim fell into chaos, in the War of Succession which only resolved after the treaty of the Chieftain in 1E 420 in which it was agreed that the moot will only be held when the King dies and there were no heirs. The war has cost the nords dearly, they lost High Rock, and Cyrodiil, while Morrowind has been lost since 1E 416 due to the combined force of the Chimer and Dwemer led by Nerevar and Dumac.

And thus the first empire of man fell.

(The Battle of Red Mountain , A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Skyrim, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Morrowind

Rebellion of King Rislav the Righteous, 1E 478 - 1E 479

The rebellion starts when Rislav's brother King Dorald of Skingrad offer Skingrad to the Alessian Empire, enraged he rode from Kvatch and killed his own brother in the courtyard, after which he was crowned King of Skingrad.

Hearing that Skingrad that was previosly offered had been taken back, Emperor Gorieus of the Alessian Empire launch an invasion to Skingrad. The Alessian army outnumbers the combined army of Skingrad and Kvatch led by King Rislav and his father-in-law, the King of Kvatch. However in a brilliant demonstration of King Rislav prowess in tactics, the Alessian Army was pushed back.

King Rislav along with few of the guards met the large army of Emperor Gorieus in the Gold Road, King Rislav then sent his hawk to the air as sign to the Throngs of Skingrad Archers hidden in plateaus. Immediately the far eastern end of the pass was sealed with boulders, leaving the Alessian to go westward where arrows fell upon the army courtesy of the Archers of Skingrad hidden in the plateaus in the safety of retaliation.

Emperor Gorieus chased King Rislav all the way from the Weald to the Highlands while his army continue to dwindle. In the forest of Highland the Emperor's army was met by the armies of Kvatch led by King Rislav Father-in-Law. Although the Alessian still outnumber the army of Kvatch their morale was low and was exhausted from the chase and enduring the rain of arrows, after an hour of battle the Alessian retreated to the Nibenay.

This rebellion was the stepping stone to the end of Alessian hegemony as it inspire other region to resist the Imperial doctrine. The heroic deed of King Rislav grant him the epithet of "the Righteous".
(Rislav the Righteous )

The Skyrim-Direnni-Alessian Conflicts, 1E 478 - 1E 482

On 1E 478 a conflicts erupts between the Alessian Order and Skyrim, which will led to the diminishing of the Cyrodiilic and Alessian order power.
At first the Alessian was winning against the nords of Skyrim as shown in The Battle of Sungard, where The High Chieftain of Skyrim Kjoric the White fell.

However soon enough inspired by the Rebellion of King Rislav the Righteous, many of the local rulers in the colovia formed their own independent regions called the Colovian Estate, while in High Rock the Direnni Clan led by Ryain Direnni outlaw the worship of Alessian religion and began to push Imperial territories, in Skyrim under the leadership of the new Chieftain Hoag Merkiller and his heir Ysmir Wulfharth of Atmora the nords renew their fight against the Alessian.

On 1E 482 the Alessian Order was defeated during the Battle of Glenumbria Moors where the allied forces of High Rock and Skyrim led by Ryain Direnni and Hoag Merkiller respectively.

Although the battle ends in the victory of the Direnni and Skyrim allied force both sides suffers dearly, Chieftain Hoag Merkiller was kiiled in the battle and was replaced by King Ysmir Wulfharth and the Direnni lost much of its forces that it allow the human nobility to rise to the leadership of High Rock.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Cyrodiil, A History of Daggerfall , The Five Songs of King Wulfharth , A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : High Rock, Rislav the Righteous )

The Defeat of the Orcish god, 1E 660

In 1E 660, the Orcish god Mauloch that has troubled the heirs of King Harald for a long time was supposedly defeated at the battle of the Dragon Wall by the nords. Mauloch fled east and his rage was said to fill the sky with his sulfurous hatred, later called the 'Year of Winter in Summer'. (Varieties of Faith in the Empire)

War of the First Council, 1E 668 - 1E 700

The War of the First Council was a war started due to religion conflicts between the allied Dwemer and Chimer. The conflicts then turned to war and eventually led to the legendary 'Battle of Red Mountain'.

The animosities between the allied dwemer and chimer that sparked the war was at first renewed when Dagoth Ur, head of house Dagoth bring evidence of the dwemer 'grand project', the project to build a new god and a deadly weapon by utilizing the Heart of Lorkhan they found beneath the Red Mountain the project was led by Kagrenac the High Engineer of Dwemer. Affronted at their act of mockery of the Chimeri gods, the tribunal (queen and generals of the Chimer) urged their king, Indoril Nerevar to go to war.

However, Indoril was troubled and went to the dwemer to ask their King, Dumac whether this is true, according to the book The Battle of Red Mountain and Nerevar at Red Mountain Kagrenac was angered and ask Nerevar 'who he thought he was to judge the affairs of the dwemer'. And that the project has been kept hidden from the dwemer King Dumac, and thus Dumac claimed that his people is innocent of any wrongdoings.

Nerevar was still troubled however and went to the Holamayan the sacred temple of Azura for a pilgrimage, there Azura spoke to him and tell him that the Dwemer is indeed building a new god, and said that it must be prevented at all cost.

Nerevar went back to the Dwemer one more time in hope that a negotiations and compromises may preserve the peace they finally had. However the two friends Nerevar and Dumac quarrel bitterly Nerevar insisted that the dwemer stop their worship of the heart of lorkhan, while Dumac still unknown of the project defends his people by saying that they shall not relinquished their ancient believe just like the chimer won't cut their ties to the daedric princes of Oblivion. And so the alliance broke and they went to war.

The exact events of the war is unknown, as there are various conflicting accounts on how it happened.

The books The Battle of Red Mountain and Nerevar at Red Mountain tell of similar events but differ at the end.

According to those books at the Battle of the Red Mountain, Nerevar drew most of the Dwemer armies to the fields where they were met by his generals and queen, while Dagoth and Nerevar went to the hart chambers by secret means where they met Dumac and Kagrenac, after the battle between Nerevar and Dumac in which left both of them collapsed from the wounds and draining magics.

This is where they started to differ from each other, The Battle of Red Mountain said that Kagrenac turned his tools upon the heart and in that instant the dwemer disappeared, Dagoth Ur claimed that Kagrenac has destroyed his own people.

Nerevar then ask his queen and generals what to do with the tools, and a decision was reached where the tools would be kept as safe keeping. Nerevar agreed but made all of them take oath to Azura that they would never use the heart in the same way the dwemer intended.

As they went to the chamber to retrieve the tool however, Dagoth Ur refused to hand them over, finally the tools was taken by force. For years after Nerecar death, they kept their oath. However Sotha Sil one of the tribunal has studied the tools and he came with a vision of peace a world where the tribunals are patron, and so they went to a pilgrimage to the red mountain and used Kagrenac's tools to transform themselves to gods. As they completed the rituals, Azura appeared and angry at their mockery of her and claimed that someday Nerevar will return to punish them and made things right, and cursed the Chimer so they turned into the dunmer.

Nerevar at Red Mountain, tell again of a similar tale but it differs that rather that Kagrenac used the tools and made the dwemer disappeared Azura appeared and show how to use the tools to separate the power of the heart from the dwemer. And that the tribunals was tempted by the heart power and killed Nerevar. However ultimately the tribunals became gods and the Chimer was changed into Dunmer like the book The Battle of Red Mountain states.

While The Real Nerevar, and War of the First Council Tell of a different tale.

According to those books house Dagoth sided with the Dwemer and through managed to get Orcs and the Nords as their allies with promises of lands and booty, although the dwemer was still defeated.

And The Five Songs of King Wulfharth tell the tale of another different version of this events albeit a more controversial one.

According to this book, Dagoth Ur went to the nords and told them that he knew where the Heart of Shor was, in nordic religion Lorkhan was known as Shor and was greatly revered. And so the tongues, master of the thu'um summoned the 'ghost of Shor' and Shor then revived King Wulfharth of Atmora. And so they Marched towards the the Dwemer and Chimer in hope to recover the heart.

However they were tricked by Dagoth and as soon they got there tehy were slaughtered by the Dwemer and the Chimer.

Yet another different version came from The Secret Song of Wulfharth Ash-King

According to this book, the Dwemer and Chimer joined forces against the nords led by Shor (Lorkhan), and at red mountain they were met by Nerevar, Dumac Dwarfking, and Alandro Sul immortal son of Azura, the nordic forces and Lorkhan was defeated however.

Despite the various conflicting accounts of this war, there are some things that we do know happen for certain; Which are :
1) The Tribunals became gods by using the Heart of Lorkhan and the Chimer became Dunmer as the consequences.
2)Dagoth Ur disappear after the Battle of Red Mountain only to be heard again by the time of 3rd era
3)The Dwemer disappeared because of their failed attempt to utilize the heart of lorkhan, which led to the victory of the falmers in the War of the Crag
4)The Nords was beaten on the Battle of Red Mountain leading to Jurgen Windcaller a master of the thu'um to create the way of the voice that decreed that thu'um should not be used as tools of war.(Tablets of High Hrothgar, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Skyrim)
5) After the battle on 1E 668 the Red Mountain erupts and the eruption became known as 'Year of Winter in Summer' by the nords and 'Sun's Death' by the khajiits. (A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Morrowind)

Arrival of the Yokudans, 1E 808

In 1E 808 the Yokuda reached the shore of Tamriel fleeing from their sunken continent Yokuda. Some of them stopped at the uninhabited isle of Henre while the rest continue to the mainland, these Yokudans warriors, the Ra Gada quickly enslaved and slaughtered the nedic and beastfolks natives opening way for their people waiting in Henre including their Kings and ruling bdies the Na-Totambu, in short period of time, Hammerfell became their new home. Eventually the Ra Gada became known as the redguards, the name all of the yokudans are called nowadays. Over time the yokudan absorbed many of the cultures of the nedic people,this was a necessity to open trades and such as even their language of Yoku was almost entirely replaced.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Hammerfell)

The Siege of Orsinium, 1E 950 - 1E 980

During the first era, the orsinium has grew into a faction with considerable strength, when the orcish refugees fleeing the 'Ra Gada Invasion' joined forces with the beastmen gathered there. They attempt to take control of the Bjoulsae River and make others pay for its use, needless to say the rest of major powers in the area confront the orcs, among them are the Yokudan Order Diagna, Daggerfall, and the Sentinels, for 30 years they besieged the orsinium, at the end of the siege orsinium was ruined. Gaiden Shinji, leader of the Order of Diagna army fell in the battle.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Wild Regions, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition : Orsinium)

The Dragon Break, 1E 1200 - 1E 2208

A sect of the Alessian Order called the Marukhati Selectives would not accept that aldmeri aspects still exist within their theological eight divines. More so that their Supreme Spirit Akatosh is also Auriel, and so ritual was evoked to separate the elven aspect Auriel from their Akatosh 'Supreme Spirit'. The ritual was to no avail however, eventually the master of this sect channel the Aurbis itself to remove the elven aspects. Although they effort paid off and the elven aspect is separated it is not without cost, for one thousand and eight year time itself broke and became non-linear as it was in the Dawn Era, throughout the disaster Tamriel slept for one thousand and eight years.

There are some texts that survive this period of dragon break however all of them are contradicting with each others.
(Where Were You When the Dragon Broke?)

The Thrassian Plague 1E 2200

After the dragon break disaster has subsided another struct Tamriel from the Isle of Thras, a plague released by the Sload, the slug beastmen native to Thras managed to decimate over half of Tamriel population,among them are 14 out of 16 tribes of the Khajiits. A Warlock named Syrabane used a powerful magical ring to save many from the Thrassian plague.

The Plague only ended when many major powers in Tamriel made a temporary alliance and the largest navy in Tamriel history, the 'All Flag' navy was amassed under Bendu Olo, Colovian King of Anvil they set sail to Thras and killed every Sload they can find.
(Varieties of Faith in the Empire, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Cyrodiil, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition, Sugar and Blood : The Cats of the South, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Wild Regions)

War of Righteousness, 1E 2321 - 1E 2331

As the result of Bendu Olo heroic deed the Colovian Estate started to overshadow its Nibenay Alessian counterpart. As the Priesthood of the order started to became to large to support itself member of the order was fighting among themselves both of these events is what led to the War of Righteousness the war that undid the Alessian Order in the span of ten years.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Cyrodiil)

The Rise of the Second Empire of Man, 1E 2703 - 1E 2837

On 1E 2703 the Akaviri launch an invasion to Tamriel, some sources says that these 'Dragonguard' was hunting for dragons that fled Akaviri to Tamriel. They were met by Skyrim defenders, alas the Akaviri dragonguard cut their way across Skyrim.

Meanwhile, in Cyrodiil Reman I son of the Colovian Estate rallied the Nibenay armies along with his Colovian army and marched to the north engaging the akaviri at every corners. At the battle of Pale Pass, the Akaviri Dragonguard surrenders to Reman I, some sources even says that they kneel before Reman I

"Reports differ widely on the nature of the battle at Pale Pass. But the end result is the same, that the remaining Dragonguard, upon hearing the voice of Reman Cyrodiil, knelt and swore their lives to him, their conqueror and savior. Fragments of from late 1st era texts refer to the warriors dropping to their knees saying "we were not hunting" (or "did not intend", author - rough translation), continuing "we have been searching, for you." - The Rise and Fall of the Blades

The Akaviri invader then joined the empire some even serving as Potentate.

After this battle Reman I was recorded as the first official dragonborn (Short version, they are those that are blessed by Akatosh dragonborn needs its own article), and one of the heroes Kantus Jeril was awarded the position of County and established Chorrol by Reman I.

The aftermath of the battle left not only Cyrodiil being reunified but was also responsible for the protection of Skyrim at large.

But Reman I doesn't stop there on 1E 2714 they conquered Valenwood, already weakened from the Thrassian Plague.

On 1E 2762 Reman I died but his empire continue the conquer.

On 1E 2811 during the battle of Argonia the reptilian army was defeated by Reman II army of man and elves, the Argonian retreated into the center of the province where Reman II army can't follow. On 1E 2837 the Black Marsh was conquered, Morrowind was left the only province unconquered by the Second Empire of Man.
(The Rise and Fall of the Blades, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Wild Regions, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition, The War With the Trees : Argonia and Black Marsh, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition, The Wild Remains : Valenwood, A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Cyrodiil)

The War of the Uvichil, 1E 2911 - 1E 2917

Not much is known about this war except that it was fought between the High Elves of Summerset and the Sload of Thras.

The First invasion of the Sloads to Thras was at 1E 1301 The Sack of Skywatch, later during 1E 2911 The Sloads invaded Summerset with necromantic magic and infernal machines. It is counted among the most horrific events of Tamriel.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition, The Blessed Isle : Alinor and Summersets)

The Four Score War, 1E 2840 - 1E 2920

The Four Score War is the war caused by an attempt of conquer of Morrowind by the Cyrodiilic Empire on 1E 2840, for 80 long years bitter war was fought between the Second Empire of Man and Morrowind the only province not under the rule of this empire.
(Although this war was supposed to be the infamous 80 years long war, the only account I could get is just about the last year of the war, and the first era 1E 2920.)

On 20 of First Seed 1E 2920 A battle in Bodrum was fought between the Morrowind army led by Vivec himself and the Empire led by the Emperor at the rear flank, Storig of Farrun at the Vanguard, Queen Naghea of Riverhold at left flank, and Ulaqth of Lilmoth at the right flank.

However the Empire fell right to the trap of the Dunmer, the dunmers was ready at the bluff and started shooting them with fire and arrows, after a while a battlemage shoot a spell to the direction of the dam, wateer poured out of it and washed Queen Naghea troops and the reamining vanguards. Left with no choice the Emperor, Reman III ordered a retreat.

On 16 of Mid Year 1E 2920 the dunmer fortress of Ald Marak was taken by the empire. By the brilliant strategy of Prince Juilek, the empire brought mages schooled in alteration along them, the mages cast water-breathing spell on the entire army so that they may make their way from underwater to arrive earlier than Vivec's estimation and attack the west side of the fortress where the defense is the weakest. By the time Vive get to Ald Marak the fortress was already taken.

On the aftermath of the battle an agreement was made between Prince Juilek and Vivec, Morrowind will gave their coastlines and certain key strategic border castles, such as Ald Marak, Ald Umbeil, Tel Aruhn, Ald Lambasi, and Tel Mothrivra. And in return there will be no Imperial atatck unless Morrowind attack first, Morrowind will be protected by Imperial Navy and Morrowind may take certain estates of their choosing from Black March unless it is needed by the empire. And thus the war end, or so they thought.

On 23 of Sun's Height 1E 2920, An Imperial Army send by Emperor Reman III unknown to Prince Juilek attacked the Black Gate.

On 15 of Last Seed 1E 2920 Prince Juilek came to Morrowind to discuss the consequences of the attack, this time Prince Juilek bring the seal of his father due to the emperor being unable to attend the meeting, any agreement made will now be binding to the empire both in his father's reign and in his. The new treaty was made, its term are the same as the previous treaty but this time it was binding.

On 31 of Last Seed 1E 2920, while on his way to see his mother that was imprisoned due to Reman III paranoia, Prince Juilek was assassinated by an assassin hired by her mother that mistook him for his father the emperor, still carrying the treaty between the Cyrodiilic Empire and Morrowind.

On 2 of Sun's Dusk 1E 2920, A man in employ of the empress appear before the Night Mother, leader of the assassin organization of Morag Tong in Morrowind, with messages from the empress that requested the assassination of Emperor Reman III

On 6 of Sun's Dusk 1E 2920, after another treaty with Vivec, the Emperor Reman III was attacked by an assailant however, the assailant fails to kill the emperor.

On 6 of Evening Star 1E 2920 (The book state that it was Sun's Dusk but it appears to supposed to be Evening Star), The Emperor Reman III was killed by his Mistress Corda who is believed to be affiliated with the Morag Tong and held grudge against the Emperor for ordering the execution of her sister. The Akaviri Potentate Versidue-Shaie and his son Savirien-Chorak appears to be involved with the plot but their involvement was kept unknown.

On 22 of Evening Star 1E 2920, The Potentate was given charge of the empire until a 'worthy' successor can be found. He declared that on 1 of Morning Star the 2nd Era will begin.

(2920, Last Year of the First Era)

Destruction of Mournhold, 12 of Sun's Dusk 1E 2920

The daedric prince of destruction Mehrunes Dagon was summoned by a disgruntled witch over the massacre of her coven and her family, Almalexia and Sotha Sil confront him, and managed to banish him back to Oblivion. (2920, Sun's Dusk, Book 11)

End of the First Era

Second Era

This is it, the era TESO is set in, this article will cover 2nd era up until the events of TESO started that is until the assassination of Savirien-Chorak in 2E 430. This Era was also called Common Era or Interregnum.

The Forming of the Mages Guild, 2E 230

On 2E 230, A student named Vanus Galerion, originally a student of the Psijic Order leave the order and form his own guild of mages due to the lack of actions regarding the studies of necromancy by Mannimarco, a fellow student of the order.

He gathered his own group of mages and make magical items, spells and potions to be available to all that can afford to buy it. He was soon brought before the king of firsthold, Rilis XII, through unknown method wither by persuasion or other methods, King Rilis XII approved Vanus Galerion new organization.

The guild then grew all over Tamriel.
(Origin of the Mages Guild, Mannimarco, King of Worms)

Disappearance of Artaeum, 2E 230

Around the founding of the mages guild, the Isle of Artaeum, the third biggest island in Summurset Archipelago, and home to the Psijic Order disappear only reappearing 500 years later. (Fragment : On Artaeum)

Mannimarco-Galerion Conflict, Sometime after 2E 231

The animosity between Mannimarco, the King of Worms and Vanus Galerion the founder of the Mages Guild has exist since long ago when they still a member of the Psijic Order.

It eventually led to the final clash between the two, where Galerion's mages and Knight of the Lamp (A Knightly order founded for the protection of the mages guild) clash with Mannimarco's 'unholy force'. Those that survived the battle described it as the battle unseen before.

"Imagine waves of fire and frost, and the mountain shivers,
Picture lightning arching forth, crackling in a dragon's sigh.
Like leaves, the battlemages fly to rain down from the sky,
At the Necromancers' call, corpses burst from earth to fight,
To be shattered into nothingness with a flood of holy light.
A maelstrom of energy unleashed, blood cascades in rivers."
- Mannimarco, King of Worms

At the end of the battle both Vanus Galerion and Mannimarco perished.
( Mannimarco, King of Worms)

The Bloodiest War in Tamriel History, 2E 283 - 2E 320

Potentate Vershidue-Shaie was met with a rebellion that has reached a new height, the kingdoms throughout Tamriel was challenging his rule, the empire was disintegrating.

In the Imperial Council meeting he declared that the princes of Tamriel should dissolve their armies or face his wrath.

Naturally the princes refuses, and thus for 37 years one of the bloodiest if not the bloodiest war in Tamriel history was fought. The Potentates spend the last gold in the empire treasury and sacrifice the bests of his legionaries to crush the royal army of the revolting princes. The princes too, spends nearly every last of gold in their treasury to defend from the assaults. At the end of the war there was only one army remain, that of the potentates, but with nearly every last gold spends the empire was in shambles, while the princes can no longer pay the taxes for they too spend the last of their gold in the war.

The only ones to benefits from the war was criminals because there were no longer guards nor militia to stop them. The empire army tried to fight the increasing crime rate but to no avail. Tamriel was thrown into a state of anarchy.
(History of the Fighters Guild, First Edition)

The Forming of Elsweyr Confederacy, 2E 309 - Sometime after 2E 324

On, 2E 309 the long feuding tribes of Khajiit Anequina and Pellitine was combined to create Elsweyr Confederacy. But it was not without repercussion, a war was fought by the members of the tribes that felt betrayed by the decision the war was ended when the Mane(Leader of Elsweyr) bestow the classes equality, the city-dwellers under the nobility and the nomadic tribes of the desert chieftains, shared alternate control of the region based on the phases of Masser and Secunda (The two Moons); the terms of this measure, the Riddle-T'har, were overseen by the thinly-veiled dictatorship of the Mane himself.
(A Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition : Elsweyr Confederacy)

The Forming of the Fighters Guild, 2E 320- 2E 321

On 2E 320 Dinieras-Ves, a kinsman of the Potentate Versidue-Shaie, offered the notion of forming a warriors for hire for the nobleman in place of an army. At first they were named Syffim the Tsaesci word for soldiers, composed of only Akaviri. Later on however it was clear that local warriors was needed for there was not enough of the Akaviri to do the works and they don't understand the geography of the provinces. And thus they open their doors for local warriors.

On 2E 321 the guild was officially registered under the Imperial Guild Charter under the name Fighters Guild
(History of the Fighters Guild, First Edition)

The Fall of the Second Empire, 2E 324 - Sun's Dawn 2E 430

On 2E 324, Potentate Versidue-Shaie was assassinated, the word MORAG TONG was painted on the wall with the Potentate's blood.

His son Savirien-Chorak, rises as the new Potentate and continue his father rule over Tamriel. Morag Tong, the assassin organization was made illegal.

However a new order of assassin emerges from the remains of the Morag Tong, in around 2E 360, the assassin guild was quickly used by rulers all over the place and thus, they were let be by the rulers for they were needed by the rulers

On Sun's Dawn 2E 430, Potentate Savirien-Chorak was assassinated alongside with all his heirs by the dark brotherhood. Within fortnight the empire crumbled. (The Brothers of Darkness)


And thus Tamriel fell into chaos, civil wars and insurrection rises everywhere. Eventually three major powers in the continent was formed. The Daggerfall Covenant, The Aldmeri Dominion, and The Ebonheart Pact these three major power are then take up war with each other and tried to control Cyrodiil and the Imperial City.
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