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Maluk gro Jabaar

Started by Malacath
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Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
Firstname - Maluk

Surname - gro Jabaar

Title - Chief of the
Jabaarzagur Stronghold

Sex - Male

Age - 57

Occupation - Prophet and Stronghold Chief

Faction - Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance - Maluk has a grim look. His wrinkles are illustrations telling the story of very little joy and tremendous adversity. The scars that dance across his face are countless and prove ferocious determination. His gray hair is tightly pulled back out of his face not because it is fashionable, but because it stays out of his eyes so that he may be aware of any opportunity for combat.

Personality - Despite his imposing appearance he is calm and diplomatic. He seems to contradict everything he stands for thus making him charming to some while untrusted to others.

Social Background/Backstory -

Best Memory - The morning of the day his father told him he loved him.

Worst Memory - The Evening of the day his father told him he loved him.

Skills -
Challenges for the Character -

Birthsign The Troll

Religious Views
Politics Views
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Sounds cool, but how will you RP as a clan chieftan when you probably won't be able to have a clan in the game? Of course, you could create an orc only guild!

Also, just as a suggestion, you could add to the bio that Maluk is very worried about his age. Orcs don't live much longer than humans, and once his strenght starts to decline his purpose to live will fade. It could make a really compelling story about an orc who's constantly trying to stay strong, despite getting old! :)
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If an argonian turned into a werecrocodile would there be any difference in appearance? Like, at all?

The story of Achren Hlaren, Part 1:
Character Bio:
Opinions and feedback is much appreciated!
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Daggerfall Covenant
Nice, I think this is our first Orc template? In any case one of the first. Well done :)

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Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
Great start! I'd love to hear what else you can bring up about the character. I agree with Meridus that setting up the stronghold may be complicated in some ways...perhaps having it operate as a guild in some levels (ranks, crafting) can work.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
I am interested in pledging for Blood-kin. I will be in the beta on 2-7-14. Try to meet up with me then.
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