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Mark Jacobs and City State Entertainment

Started by Cools-His-Hands
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Since this is a fan board, I figured everyone would be cool about making posts about the competition.

Mark Jacobs, a co-founder of Mythic Entertainment (DAoC) today announced plans to make what basically amounts to DAoC 2. Working title is Camelot Unchained, which doesn't leave very many doubts about that :) It's a tri-realm, RvR game with the same kind of factions: Britons, Vikings and Irish, but it takes place on earth after a cataclysm merged our world with one of magic.

The whole thing looks kind of sketchy and only half-serious to me. They plan on launching their game development with a Kickstarter campaign next month.

Pros: Looks to be directly reaching out to the existing DAoC crowd, and past players, even though it's a relatively small audience.

Cons: Building their own IP and name recognition from scratch. The third teaser trailer makes a joke about Abraham Lincoln leading one of the factions, like WTF. Really doesn't seem like they are that committed. Will almost certainly launch years after TESO, so if the RvR market dries up, they might be finished before they start.

What do you think of City State Entertainment? Legit? Or just burning through investor money on a DOA project?
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