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[XBOX] [NA] Pricing and Crafting Guide

Started by No Thugz
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Thanks for stopping by, my name is No Thugz I run a Merchant/Crafting guild on XBox NA called Merchant’s Union. One of the goals I had was to put together a listing of all the bought and sold items and get a fair market price for them. I have spent the past several weeks buying and selling myself as well as working with my guild on this project. This link has already been posted elsewhere and we have had several major updates since launch. I update the guide every week, please use this link to find the most updated copy – Note these are just the prices as we see them; it does not mean that you can’t sell things for more or buy them for less. With that in mind please respond to me privately if you feel there is pricing that you do not agree with; you can message me on Xbox at No Thugz and I would be happy to hear you out. Additionally if you would like to join our guild and continue to help grow on this please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out and if there are any items you need/want feel free to message me and I am sure either myself or a member of my union can get it for you.

Cheers, No Thugz
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