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Mass Effect Chapter One

Started by Beowulf
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A soft chime from the ship's internal alarm awoken Kai Leng from his chair at the bridge console. Of course he trained his body to never fully lose consciousness while he slept even when the only person aboard the vessel besides him was in a holding cell. His eyes instantly opened and he punched a few buttons on the monitor to bring up the long range scans. So far there were no indications that he was being followed, which he expected. None the less he had to remain vigilant after all he was classified as one of Cerberus' top agents.

Getting up from the chair, he made his way down the ship's corridor to the holding cell. The barrier was still in place and there were no signs of any attempts of escape. Andromeda was sitting up with the sheet tightly wrapped around her body to hide her naked form. She appeared to be disoriented and he figured that she came to. Her blue eyes instantly fell upon her capturer and her demeanor changed. Eyes glaring, she demanded, "Where am I?"

"Aboard a ship…that's all you should know at this time." Kai Leng crossed his arms as he stared right back at her through the barrier. She was no threat to him even if the blockade was not in place. A contusion was on his forehead to where she got the best of him in her apartment, a reminder of his mistake.

The young covered woman studied his uniform. "You're with Cerberus."

"Yes," Kai Leng replied. It didn't matter to him if he lied to her or not. His acknowledged affiliation wouldn't jeopardize the mission. "That means you know what we stand for."

"Terrorists…" Andromeda spat as she gingerly touched her wounded head from the fall against the table at her place.

"An alien sympathizer would instantly make that assumption. We are a pro-human organization that is working towards eradicating the poison that has consumed our race. And to me…" Kai Leng's eyes narrowed, "You are a traitor to the human race."

"Me?" The prisoner scoffed, staggering a bit to put more weight on her knees as she stood up; her hands still clutching the sheet tightly to her body.

"You had sexual relations with a Turian…you have no respect for what happened to us during the First Contact War." The Cerberus agent remarked as anger rose in his voice.

"Both sides lost many lives; it was a war that shouldn't have happened in the first place!" Andromeda's knees wobbled as she fell some and then pressed her back against the wall for more leverage.

"I have placed a medigel pack in the corner for you. You may use it if you wish, but that's all you get." The Asian man watched on. "We will be arriving in two more hours so try to be comfortable until then."

"Why am I here?" The woman eyed the medigel pack; however, she appeared to be ignoring his generosity.

"The Illusive Man wants you for a meeting."

"For what purpose?"

"That is all you should know." Leng turned and made his way back to the bridge of the ship, ignoring the young woman's demands for him to return and answer her.

"Come back, you asshole!" Andromeda yelled at the dark haired male as he left, but his body never paused as he soon left through the sliding door. Sighing loudly in frustration, she glanced around noticing that it appeared that they were the only two onboard and the barrier that held her within the cell was generated by a control panel about ten feet away. Escape at the present moment was out of the question and she decided to go ahead and open up the medigel pack.

Glancing around to make sure that the man wasn't watching her through any type of security cams, she lowered her sheet to her mid waist to examine the lacerations that were vertically down her back. The blood had congealed and hardened, however, she had to monitor the healing to make sure there would be no infection. Reaching back as far as she could, she applied the gel to a partial area of the wound and hoped that the uncovered area would be treated at another time. Her mind flashed back to the moment to where the injury occurred: Vakarian and she were at the peak of their session; the Turian's claws dug into her flesh causing her to muffle her cries against his shoulder. She realized that Garrus had no idea about what he did since a Turian's flesh was made up a tough leathery texture. Their razor sharp talons would just prick against their hides but barely penetrate unless they used full force.

Slumping back against the wall into a sitting position, Andromeda rested her head against the wall feeling the instant relief of the gel's formula taking away the pain to her head and back.

A light flashed on the console as Kai Leng returned to the pilot's chair indicating that he had incoming transmission from a restricted user. There was no doubt that it was the Illusive Man. Punching in his password, he waited for the encrypted message to come through. There was a ten second delay as the image appeared on the screen; the Illusive Man was sitting his chair with a cigarette in his hand. "Leng, I'm assuming that nothing has changed since your last report."

"She woke up and began asking questions."

The Illusive Man tapped the ashes from the cigarette into the tray beside his hand. "What all did you tell her?" He didn't seem to be upset at all by his response. The Illusive Man had full confidence that Kai Leng would be very limited in his answers.

"She was on a ship with an unknown destination to her. She already recognized that I was with Cerberus." Kai Leng ended his sentence quickly, fighting off the urge to add that she wasn't too happy with the organization. That was unneeded hatred that he did not want to admit to his boss, however, the Illusive Man already knew his profile and his xenophobic ideals.

"That is to be expected," The man on the other end took another puff of his cigarette. "After all she did spend some time aboard the Normandy with Miranda and Jacob. Miranda even included her in the Omega report." He placed the cigarette into the tray, discarding it for the moment.

"What about Shepard?" Kai Leng chose his words carefully.

"Commander Shepard is doing exactly what is to be expected of him. I got word that his ship passed through the Omega 4 Relay about thirty minutes ago. He will come through for us. Just focus on your mission. Once you arrive at the outpost, I want you to patch into the holo meeting so Aria will see what I have for her and then I want you to head back to my whereabouts."

"Understood." Kai Leng hesitated to make sure there was no more information that he needed to know before ending the call. From the beginning of this assignment, he silently questioned why the Illusive Man decided to have "conversations" with the pirate queen of Omega, but he knew to not lose faith. The man he worked for was loyal to what Cerberus stood for. Checking the sensors once last time, he moved back out of his chair to the ship's only crew quarter, which was a room not much bigger than the holding cell located in the middle of the ship's interior. Removing his shirt, he began one of the countless katas that he had memorized.

Feeling the ship jolting as it landed, Andromeda quickly pulled herself to her feet and closed in on the barrier. Something was about to happen…and she needed to be ready to strike if the moment called for it.

Moments later, Kai Leng made his way towards the front of her cell. His dark eyes looking at her, his composure laxed. "I know numerous ways to kill someone with my hands, Andromeda Kryik. Try anything and you will be dead within seconds." He began to punch in the access code on the control panel and the barrier dissipated.

Pausing, Andromeda pondered if now was the time to make her move or not. Would the deception of cooperation work just enough to allow her to gain her freedom? How badly did Cerberus want her? Deciding it was in her best intention to gather more intel until she knew for sure what was going on, Andromeda took a few steps slowly to show no hostility and let the agent lead her outside the vessel.

The planet that they were on appeared to have an arid climate with wind that threw particles of sand against her skin. Her hair whipped around her face and she used one of her hands to shield her eyes as she walked towards the facility that had the same emblem on its exterior wall as Kai Leng had on his uniform. Cerberus wanted to make it clear to any mercs or pirates of whom they were dealing with if they chose to attack the facility.

After passing through the building's decontamination room, she felt Kai Leng grab her arm as he maneuvered her through the passing workers. The workers she noted were a combination of agents like Kai Leng, and medical staff. No one seemed to really care on Andromeda's presence or her attire as they walked around the two to their own destinations.

"Inside," Kai Leng ordered as he opened a door, giving her only a few seconds to walk in on her own before he pushed her ahead. He hurriedly punched in a few codes on a console in the center of the room.

"I guess we're late for something?" Andromeda asked casually as she surveyed her new surroundings. The room appeared to be setup for some type of holo conference. An armed agent stepped inside to block the only means to escape.

The darkened room began to glow as the holo equipment warmed up and a bright flashed made Andromeda screen her eyes, seconds later in front of her stood the holo-form of the Illusive Man. He was standing up and she could only see his image from the waist up; a cigarette occupied his right hand. "Glad to see you made it." The light brown hair man looked past his agent right at Andromeda. "I hope you're travel wasn't too uncomfortable."

Finding some confidence, Andromeda stepped closer to address him. "So much for working with Shepard and his team huh?"

Kai Leng moved in closer to push her away, but the Illusive Man held up his hand to stop him. "Commander Shepard is of no concern to you. I understand that you are close to one of his squad mates, but relationships do not matter at the present moment. I am still working with Shepard…to help out humanity."

Before Andromeda could reply, a beep came from the console behind her and Kai pushed her back towards the background of the meeting. A moment later the holo form of Aria T' Loak appeared to the right of the Illusive Man. Unlike him, she wasn't alone. Behind her were several armed Krogan body guards and a Batarian. "I assume that there is a reason to initiate another call with me or do you have nothing else better to do?"

Andromeda remained silent as she listened in. Not only because she was curious into what was transpiring before her, but she had a past with Aria. The Illusive Man stood in the same position as she addressed him. "There is a reason as to why I summoned you again, Aria, but I-"

"No one summons me. Is that clear?" The Asari cut him off harshly. The Krogan behind her grunted in agreement.

"I assume everything is going according to our deal?" The Illusive Man continued, ignoring the request to respond to her question.

"Yes, are you that worried?" Aria chortled.

"In addition to the payment, I wanted to give you a present of good faith." The Illusive Man smiled.

"We do not need any presents from Cerberus!" The Batarian spoke out in a snarl.

"Be polite, Anto," Aria lectured softly. The Batarian blinked all four eyes in response. She then turned her head to face the Illusive Man once again. "What is that?" She didn't appear to be too curious in what the Illusive Man had to offer her.

As she watched on, Andromeda noticed that neither Aria nor her bodyguards really seemed to address Kai Leng or her. Could they see them? Before the man spoke, it finally dawned on her what was going on and why Cerberus kidnapped her from her apartment on the Wards. "You son-of-a bitch!" She screamed as she lunged towards Kai Leng. There was no way that she was going back to Omega as a slave.

Pivoting on his foot to address her, Kai Leng quickly grabbed her right wrist, twisting it in an awkward position causing her to drop instantly to her knees. Crying out in pain, she grabbed at the vice, but he shoved her back to the ground.

"I was able to recover something that belongs to you." The Illusive Man continued, ignoring the altercation. Clearly, he could see what was going on at the Cerberus facility.

Aria smirked, "I don't remember losing anything."

Kai Leng allowed their room to be fully visual, now Aria and her compatriots could see Kai Leng standing there with Andromeda in the background on her side nursing her sore wrist. "If this slave does not belong to you, then maybe for once my intel was not accurate," The Illusive Man continued.

"That human slave? Thought the Suns killed her." Anto spoke up.

This time, Aria didn't turn her head to look at the Batarian. "Transport her here if you wish. Is that all?"

"Just make sure you keep your part of the bargain." The Illusive Man reminded her.

"I really hope you do not become accustomed to meeting like this frequently." The receiver disconnected.

The Illusive Man smiled…once again the Pirate Queen had the last remark. She always wanted to make sure of that.

After the disconnection terminated, Aria blasted Anto with a small singularity, which the force made the Batarian slam against the room's wall hard. "Anto, you fool." She didn't like how Anto's remark gave away her position. She wanted to be sure to show Cerberus that she never needed them for anything and it was they who came crawling to her like whimpering Vorcha. "Next time, you do not speak unless spoken to, is that understood?"

"U-Understood…" Anto held his throbbing head as he stood back up. The Krogan chuckled from amusement.

Aria stood still as she gathered her thoughts. She could easily kill Anto for his stupidity, but there was real no need for it. He did nothing truly wrong…just pissed her off. "Keep in communication with the Cerberus vessel when it arrives to this station. Escort her straight here."

Anto blinked and tilted his head to the left showing the normal Batarian body language for admiration and respect. "Alright. I'll get with the station security."

Aria continue to stare at the darkened monitor trying to figure out what exactly the Illusive Man had planned, and more importantly what he had planned for her and her station once the terms of the deal were satisfied.

"Kai Leng, get her secured and then meet me." The Illusive Man signed off his connection.

The agent saluted and then looked back at Andromeda as the room's interior lights came back on. "Get her to a room and clean her up." He barked the order over to the guard at the door.

"Thought you wanted to take me to Omega?" Andromeda stood back up, holding her injured wrist.

"You're staying on this outpost until we receive the word to transport you. " Kai Leng walked past and exited the room, not giving her another look.

As soon as he left the room, dread filled Andromeda as she looked up at the remaining guard who had a twisted smile on his face. The door to the room slid open and two more armed guards came in followed by four medical techs. "Take her." The first guard ordered.

Before she had a chance to comprehend what was happening, the guards were on her, grabbing her arms, pinning her still while the techs came up. Fear pumping up her adrenaline, Andromeda began to violent struggle against the Cerberus crowd, desperately trying to break free. "Let go!"

"Hurry up and sedate her!" One of the guards shouted as her body thrashed.

The feeling of her right arm slipping free, coaxed Andromeda on as she squirmed faster, but only to feel a small prick hit the side of her neck. Darkness took her.
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I have tried to PM you about this, @Beowulf, but it seems you need to clear your inbox some ;)

Whilst I appreciate creativity on all fronts, we like to keep the Roleplay-section as a whole TES-related. I will close this here (again, not because the story or effort is disliked!), and leave it to you to repost it in a more appropriate section, I'd advise to just put a NON-TES tag in the title :)

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