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Matt Firor talks about Level 50 and Beyond @

Started by Rickter
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Hi TESOF, Interview with Matt Firor

I stumbled across this article over on the TESO Facebook page and it had some interesting information regarding TESO and what we can expect at level 50 and beyond. particularly this statement:

“There is no hard level cap in ESO. In fact, when you hit level 50, you are only 1/3 of the way through the game's PvE/exploration content. Once you are level 50, you move on to Veteran Ranks and start leveling those. And, because ESO's skill system is not tied to player level, you can learn new abilities at any time, so even after level 50, you can keep developing your character, as long as you find skill points."

Im pretty sure some of you already knew this information but it was new to me and rather exciting to hear. I have never played an MMORPG that let you essentially continue leveling your character beyond the level cap.

what does this mean for future content? what is the purpose of the level cap?

they also said that you'll only be 1/3 through the game once you hit level 50. WOW! 2/3 of the game is still out there waiting for us.

Hope you enjoy.

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Technically, you never actually reach level 50. You go from level 49 to VR1. So this is how ESO has done away with the old level cap. You begin to earn Veteran Ranks. Adventure Zones are not on the PTS so the highest level that players have reached is VR10. We can assume that Adventure Zones are for players that have hit VR10. We can assume players can continue to level beyond that. This is the carrot on the stick.

When you reach Veteran Ranks, you no longer earn points at level up to put into health, magicka, stamina but they still increase by their base amount. So you continue to get stronger and more powerful and have access to better gear. This is turn allows you to continue to do more difficult content. So there's not going to be that "gear level" treadmill but instead Veteran Rank leveling. Instead of chasing after more powerful gear, you are going to be chasing after higher veteran levels which allows you access to more powerful gear and more difficult content.

People keep asking about PvE end game content. It's pretty much going to be level 1-VR1 in your faction, level VR1-VR10 in the other 2 factions, complete Veteran Dungeons and gear up, and at some point soon after release, begin to work through Adventure Zones.
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Good news indeed because endgame consisting of grinding armour sets gets dull quickly
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