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Maximus Aurelius, the Imperial Swordsman

Started by Iamme123
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Firstname -Maximus

Surname -Aurelius

Title - N/a

Sex -Male

Race -Imperial

Age -29

Occupation -Sellsword, painter.

Faction -N/a. He joins whoever pays him the most.

Appearance -He has short brown hair, about only an inch long, that is naturally straight. His eyes are a light brown color and his skin is a darker, creamy color. He stands at 5'8" and is toned and healthy. His hands are calloused and he has no scars or tattoos. He wears a baggy, white short-sleeved shirt, a good fitting pair of brown pants, and a normal pair of shoes. He normally has a satchel around his shoulder and an akaviri warblade on the left side of his leather belt. Most would take him for an armed middle-class citizen.

Personality -Maximus is very cheery most of the time. He gets along well with others and is a quick learner. He is very creative when he paints. He is never clumsy and always does something for a purpose. When he fights it's as if another person appears. He becomes cold and calculating, only thinking of himself.

Social Background/Backstory -Maximus was born in the Imperial City. His father and mother were the shopkeepers of the General Goods store. Maximus was the middle child of three boys. As Maximus grew up he got an education as all children do. He helped his mother in the store throughout his early teens as a job. He had an inseparable bond with his other brothers. When the eldest wanted to become a Royal Guard it was only natural that the other two wanted to become Royal Guards too. Being a Royal Guard of the Palace was no simple task though. They had to be the best of the best. In all reality, none of the three brothers were very good at swordsmanship when they were taught by the local guards. Eventually Maximus found a book that could solve their problems; 'Mysterious Akavir'. He read in it that one of the native races, the Ka Po Tun, were superb swordsmen. When he notified his brothers on the plan they were gung-ho for it, seeing that it was necessary to achieve their life goal. It took some convincing and work to have Maximus' parents let them go to this mysterious and barely settled land. Right before the age of 18, Maximus set out with his brothers. The eldest being 20, and the youngest being only 10 months behind Maximus. After the extremely long voyage across the sea to Akavir they had arrived in Thanefall, the province that was barely settled by the beings from Tamriel. It took them an entire year in itself, including the voyage, to get prepped and ready to find the Ka Po Tun and train under them. When they sought out the Ka Po Tun, the fierce Tiger people rejected the brother's offer. The brothers therefore said they would do anything to prove themselves worthy. A Ka Po Tun said that if the brother's could go kill a fierce predator in the jungles and bring back its hide that the Ka would train the Imperials. With a fierce determination the brothers sent out to complete the task. After a few more months of tracking the fierce and elusive beasts of the jungle they finally killed one, but at the expense of the eldest brothers life, who died to protect the youngest against the pounce of the cat-like beast they killed. They grieved for their brother, but also gathered the pelt and brought it back to their soon-to-be master, after burying their brother. The Ka agreed to train them since they got the pelt. After a decent expanse of time Maximus and his younger brother were trained in the art of swordsmanship. They had multiple different teachers. One was their swordsman teacher, one their hand-to-hand teacher, and one their peacetime teacher. After a little over ten years of training the brothers were 'average' in the Ka Po terms of skill. As a token of their honor and completion of their training they were each given a akaviri warblade, and then banished from the Ka's lands, never to be welcomed back unless they honorably beat a Ka. Seeing no more purpose to stay in the land of Akavir the brothers set off to go back home. When they arrived a shocking new world opened up to them. While they had been training in the jungles they had been excluded from the outside world. They came back to being informed that Tamriel was in a war for control of the Imperial City. Three different factions had been formed against each other and the Imperials. The two brothers returned to the city, only to find that most of the shops were out of business and empty. Their parents' shop was closed and boarded up. They searched the city for their parents, but learned that they had packed up and went to safer places to open a business for the Capitol would become a war zone any day. Maximus' younger brother was able to joint he Royal Guard with his skills, but Maximus himself didn't. He saw reason that the Imperials were out numbered 3 to 1 and would lose eventually. He would join the winning side, whichever that side was. And so he set off on his journey, returning to a fresh, new, and scary world.

Skills - Excellent swordsmanship. Reason and Painting from his Peacetime teacher. Common knowledge. Basic Ka Po Tun written language. Moderate hand to hand training.

Challenges for the Character - To survive this new and ridiculous war. Make a name for himself through the skill that cost him his brother's life.

Birthsign-The Steed

Religious Views- The Nine and Divines.

Politics Views- He supports the winning side.

P.S.- If you think this is outrageous at all, I have seen things that are even more outrageous than this. I will be willing to work loosely to fix things, but I will be keeping the base of being a swordsman with an akaviri warblade, and a painter with a paintbrush.

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Is this just an RP only character?

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Indeed it it.

Clusan- The Redguard duelist in search of 'Blade Singers'
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