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Meirelle Debien

Started by Skrofler
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Name - Meirelle Debien
Sex - female
Age - 27
Occupation - assassin
Faction - Covenant
Appearance - Neck short dark brown hair, brown eyes
Personality - Meirelle is callous, composed and competitive. Her driving force is revenge.
Skills - conjuration, sneak, light blade, destruction

Social Background/Backstory - Meirelle Debien started out as a very promising conjurer and elementalist in a mage guild with tough competition. As she was moving up the ranks she was eventually outmaneuvered and got burned (literally) by the scheming competitors. The event left a mark and she turned her back on the magic community and swore revenge. Now she seeks power and allies among the shadows of Tamriel while learning to disguise her motives and actions better.

In TES3 and beyond I played my archetypes, the argonian ranger, the orsimer warrior, the breton mage, but in multiplayer I anticipate archetypes will get old fast so I have changed my character concepts accordingly. The warrior became a battle healer, the mage became assassin, and the ranger enlisted.

Join Scandinavian - a Daggerfall Covenant guild.
Kromag gro-Mukh
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