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Men Wanted for hazardous journey

Started by Idriar
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Men wanted for hazardous journey, small wages,
bitter cold, long months of complete
darkness, constant danger, safe re-
turn doubtful, honour and recognition
in case of success.

Ferio Darehire 4 Re-Man st. Temple dist.

Maramia stopped reading the advertisements in the "Twelve-Cities-Courier". Amongst the offers of sale and ads of romance she found something interesting, something unusual. It rather sounded... like an adventurer´s quest, which rather be found in the "Imperial Post". Or the "Anvil Morning". Maramia wasn´t such a great reader, but when Ramirius finished a newspaper, she liked to look at the copper engravings, or read the ads. Sometimes she found a good offer, for Ramirius and her were always short on Money since they were Résistance now. But this one sounded insteresting aswell. Unfortunately there wasn´t written much more in the ad. Ferio Darehire... she had heard about this guy before.


She looked over to the man, who nervously looked out to the street trough a boarded-up window. He was always worried they would be spotted somehow. But Maramia did not worry. There hadn´t even someone knocking on their door since they took their safehouse here in the worst quarter of the City, right behind the Harbour.

The former Imperial soldier turned to her with his usual annoyed Expression.


"What is this about?"

She held the newspaper high. Ramirius stepped to her and took it.

"Have you found-e something interesting? Someone-a selling an old stack of weapons-a, maybe?"

Maramia pointed at the ad.

"Da. Sounds like a real adventure. But it doesn´t say anything about where it goes..."

Ramirius raised an eyebrow.

"Maramia! We don´t have-a time to go on an adventure! We are Résistance now!"

Maramia looked to the ground and put her forefingers together.

"Sorry... I know we are Résistance now... but it sounded so interesting..."

Ramirius took a closer look at the ad.

"Ah, no. Who would ever answer to an ad-a like-a this? Small-a wages and-a so much risks? I wouldn´t-a be surprised if this-a Darehire..."

He stopped and read the Name once more.

"Ow. Darehire! Yes. Now I know what-a this is about."

Maramia looked up again.

"Really? Please tell me!"

Ramirius took a last glance to the window and sat on the sofa, Maramia was sitting on.

"Well, this-a Darehire guy once-a was a great mercenary. Ever heard of the five legendary mercenaries? No? My mother was one, I can-a proudly say. Anyway, this-a man-a fought in every war and sometimes on both sides. Now he´s old and-a fat, but also rich. He runs a great-a Company, providing-a mercenary Services. A real Business rival to the pathetic-a Fighters Guild. But also he spents a lot of-a Money on great Expeditions and Enterprises. His newest plan... an Expedition... to Atmora!"


Ramirius frowned.

"Atmora! You must -a have heard about! Birthplace of the Nedes! That is-a where Nords, Bretons and we Imperials-a come-a from. It´s-a said-a that the entire continent is-a frozen, like-a Skyrim´s mountains. Maybe because-a the sun never shines there-a?"

Maramia raised her Hand and brushed over her Imperial helmet.

"Atmora? Where the Nedes come from? Is it like the Elves Old Marry´s?"

Ramirius looked at her with big eyes. Then he had to laugh.

"Haha! You have-a heard about Aldmeris and-a not about Atmora? How-a so?"

Maramia looked at the newspaper. Than at Ramirius.

"Well... it´s Old Marry Dominion... and in the Army they told me where the Name came from..."

"Aldmeri Dominion."

"Yes Old Marry."

Ramirius sighed.

"Well, now-a you know where it-a goes..."

Suddenly they heard loud knocking on the door.


Ramirius jumped up, his Hand wnet down to his blade. Maramia jumped up aswell, picking her Imperial warhammer from the ground. The newspaper fell to the ground, ist Sheets spread on the floor.

The two former soldiers looked at each other, weapons ready. It seemed that they have been found. Slowly Ramirius aproached the window, but all he could see without expsoing himself too much, was a large Group of People on the outside, nearly a dozen of men and women. He sweared. They were outnumbered.

"Open the door! We know that you pathetic Résistance Worms are in there!"

A female voice. Most troubling an Altmer voice. The Empire did not have many soldiers or offiecers of other races than Imperial. And the few were most likely high ranked. This was bad. A commando Mission.

Silently Maramia turned to Ramirius.

"What do we do now?"

Before Ramirius could answer, another voice was heard. Scratchy and awkward, unmistakable orcish.

"By Malacath, Andarcya, they are not our enemies! We Need their help!"

Another voice, a soft woman´s voice.

"We are friends. Please, let us in, you in there... I mean... if that is ok with you..."

Confussed Maramia and Ramirius exchanged Looks. Who the hell stood at their door?

A hissing Argonian voice.

"I think you should open the door quickly, before our angry Dunmer makes it go boom."

Ramirius swallowed heavily. Elves, Humans and Beast races... certainly not the variety found in the Imperial army. Well, the shack was probably already surrounded by the strangers... he should open before they used violence. Slowly he approached the door and reached out for the doorknob, when suddenly...
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