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Messaging the TESOF Staff

Started by Triskele
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Hey everyone!

Although it's been said a few times (and we even have/had it in our signatures), please keep in mind that you should only send a PM to the admin (@Tecca) or the mods (me and @"Horizon Seeker" ) with a question or issue you really can't find the answer to. Lately, mostly me and Tecca receive a lot of PM's from members with a single question (without further explanation or context), to which the answer can easily be found here on the site. A few pointers:

* The Guild-section is where you can browse for guilds and where you can submit your own, to be found here.

* If you need a quick answer to obvious questions, check out the Help&Feedback section first.

* Adding to that, keep in mind this forum has a Search function!

We are mostly reminding you of this because we have our inboxes literally flooded with messages you could have found the answer to within 10 seconds. We do love you, but typing the same answers over and over does get tedious ;)



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I hope I have never done this...

Member of the Twilight Seers of Aquilas Domini
Foriel Barkwing- Bosmer Archer
Hodlin Fire-Sword- Nord Warrior
Amaund Storm-Quencher- Breton Mage
Clan Member of the Bromlokiir
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just now i was considering if i should send a message to a mod, haha now i know what should i do . help me a lot. thanks
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[Image: leave-britney-alone.jpg]
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Had a question When will you guys be adding an Imperial race choice to the profiles ?

Men is service of Mer
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