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Mierianna Nightshadow

Started by scamperone
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Faction & Race:
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Firstname - Mierianna
Surname -Nightshadow
title - Mistress of Red Lanterns
Sex - Female
Age - 75
Occupation - Own a Brothel called Nightshadow's Exotic Tastes
Faction - Ebonheart Pact
Appearance - A tall stunningly beuatiful Dunmer woman sometimes people think she is a Altmer
Personality - Kind and enchanting or Ice cold and cruel
Social Background/Backstory - Many Many things
Best Memory - First time she made a "worker" squeel
Worst Memory - She was treated as a "worker" once against her will
Skills - I could steal, I could sneak but mostly I make people happy
Challenges for the Character - Reality is my biggest challenge
Birthsign - ?
Religious Views - Religion is best left to priests but technically I worship the Divines
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