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Milyn Maesat

Started by Seamus
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Firstname- Milyn
Surname- Maesat
Sex- Male
Age - 34
Race- Dunmer
Occupation- Small business owner (Alchemy)
Skills- Bartering and speechcraft (weedling customers)
Birthsign- The Lady
Religious Views- Tribunal
Politics Views- Capitalist Tendencies
Challenges for the Character- Keeping his word, playing it safe in the business world

Social Background/Backstory
  • Became interested in alchemy after the Knahatan Flu outbreak, only as a means to make money off a cure. He actually sells small potions and salves that he claims could help prevent the Flu, though their is no basis to this, its just a scheme. The potions may treat some symptoms of the flu, but it doesn’t cure the illness itself.

  • Dull red eyes. Straight hair going down to his ears. Has reserved but modern dress style. Average build with small potbelly.

  • Kindly enough to people, this is in response to having a shop and trying to sell to people. Nice enough to other Dunmer. Has a small manic side. Milyn sometimes takes risk in hopes of a good payout. Not quite money gambling, but a risk/reward thing in day to day life.

Best Memory- First big payout from a import/export deal
Worst Memory- Had to sell a batch of nirnroot for cheap, was hard on money.

This character is a brand new Dunmer made for @Samf and I's RP "Of Debts & Consequences"

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." -Kurt Cobain
"Failure, in my book, is someone who lives in the safety of their laptop taking shots at those who actually achieved what they have been unable to do." -Eli Roth
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