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Missile Speeds

Started by Kilivin
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Will there be a set missile speed for spells/arrows or will it be adjustable? I.E. with a stronger bow the arrows fly faster ( similar to real life ). Or you could make your fireballs travel faster with perks or something. Feel like it would make a lot more customization into builds for any ranged people.

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Good question. One I think we won't make any headway really in speculating about though, just cause it's something we could never actually answer. If we are just speculating here, I'm going to assume speed will be set, but it would be sweet if it could be changed.

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Travel time or missile speed will likely be set, too much trouble to include a customizable feature for something that is relatively meaningless and could cause a lot of balancing problems if done wrong.

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It will probably be set like previous TES games. Except if you don't pull back your arrow the entire way. The it'll probably be a bit slower.

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Seems like the simplest solution to me. Wouldn't haven't to worry about balancing issues and such in regard to how fast and far arrows fly

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