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MMO Attack's hands on preview of The Elder Scrolls Online

Started by atticon40
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Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting Maryland and the Zenimax Online Studios for a hands on look at The Elder Scrolls Online.  The trip was well worth it getting to see an alpha look at one of the most highly anticipated MMOs in recent memory.

The full written review can be found at

I'd be happy to answer any questions here or on our website.
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Ooh I've got some. One article I've read said there is no tab-targeting, while another said there is. Can you clarify? Also, how did you find the voice acting? a lot of recycled actors? was the player limited to grunts and yells, or actual dialogue ala SWTOR? Thanks for posting!
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i think one of them means there is no need to be tab targeting and the other one says you COULD do it if you want to.

Another article also mentioned a "Hard lock on" so i think they are refering to the same thing. Think Dark Souls, this migth actually be needet in PvP.
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