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Mob spread

Started by Crazylor
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This is a post I made on game skinny, I'm hoping you guys will read it and give feedback on the topic. I would post the words here and save you the trouble of having to click the link, but I like the editing they did for me. I will post the original script below.

We know that Elder Scrolls will have large open explorable areas and public dungeons for players to delve into. In traditional mmos areas such as these are filled with large amounts of monsters and things to kill. Generally this is to supplement the large amount of players tackling these areas, these generic mmos give you 'kill 10 of x' type quests, and mobs each give a flat amount of experience, no matter the difficulty for the individual player. So large fields filled with mobs are necessary. In the Elder Scrolls' games players are used to large expanses of open explorable areas dotted with challenging enemies, much more similar to realities wildlife and the wilderness of the real world. If this game is anything similar to an ES game I'm sure there won't be many, if any, 'kill x amount of y monster' quests.
If Teso carries the same experience leveling as the traditional games, where successful use of your abilities gains you experience, having large amounts of mobs won't be a necessity. It would be possible to dot the land with higher quality (high health/challenging mobs, of course with some difficulty scaling for the guy alone in an area at 2 a.m.) mobs that generally require more people to tackle. So the developers now have a medium where they can make almost every enemy encounter a challenging and intimidating experience. Just imagine, how a boss encounter would feel with this system. I simply bring this up for immersion's sake, as having several dozens of monsters in the same field seems silly to me when we now have the ability to move away from this flooded feel that other mmos feel the necessity to provide. With this system players will want to work together more often when there are more people around them, and with the instancing systems the solo player should still be able to separate himself if he/she wants. Also these ideas and following questions are mainly in regards to the wildlife of TESO, not the mortal humanoids in dungeons and public areas.
Now I challenge you as a TES or MMO player, would it be necessary to have large fields filled with mobs similar to traditional MMOs? Should monsters be less frequent and more difficult (More health/higher armor values/challenging mechanics etc) to accommodate more players, yet still retain immersion of a true wilderness? If yes, in the circumstance of a dungeon filled by one or many players, so both groups are given a challenging and rewarding experience, should there be difficulty scaling for public dungeons and open areas? If no, please explain why there would still be a requirement for such a system that overflows areas with monsters? Your opinions are appreciated.
-Crazylor of Guild Umbra

My main point of this is to address open areas with monsters, dungeons meant to be filled with armies and groups of bandits should have large amounts of those characters to fit the theme when necessary. I just think the open world and things like caves (unless it's a bandit hideout or barracks, castle etc.) shouldn't have hundreds of monsters, as monster encounters should be a rarer and more challenging experience.
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I agree. I can't see an elder scrolls game having an army of wolves just chilling right outside of town. Having a small pack of wolves that roams around the woods would make a lot more sense.

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I agree with the fact that they should have somewhat more challenging encounters with fewer enemies. With the fact that ZOS is trying their damned hardest to stay away from the "Kill X many of a certain creature" quests as possible, there really isn't a need to have tons of the same enemy in one spot waiting for you to go kill it. However, there needs to be enough enemies for an MMO crowd to kill. Having a lot of people not able to find something to kill because everything is waiting to respawn could easily downgrade ESO's quality.

That being said, there should definitely be a lot of spots where there's always a certain kind of enemy (such as a bandit camp spawning bandits fairly commonly). Finding a balance between roaming enemies and set spots will lead to a much more organic-feeling world.

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Quote: In the Elder Scrolls' games players are used to large expanses of open explorable areas dotted with challenging enemies, much more similar to realities wildlife and the wilderness of the real world.

I honestly wonder if the person who wrote this article has even played an Elder Scrolls game.

Nick Konkle explained it perfectly that yes, there are a few times when you will end up fighting one giant boss or a few really powerful enemies. One example of this would be finding the 3 fragments of the Gauldur Amulet to reforge it. Think back to the battles that took place; what was the hard part? Was it fighting the final boss with his devastatingly powerful attacks, or was it finding a way to hack through his undead army of 20 draugr who were swarming at your heels and driving you insane? Personally I find them about equal, although some might choose one over the other.

I was always a lot more worried when I was attacked by 5 wolves than a bear or sabre cat because you had less control over the battle, and that's what keeps it interesting. The Super-UI that we're going to see can only show it's full potential when there's multiple enemies, not just 1 giant boss.
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I don't think they are saying that there will be no mobs....more like there wouldn't be 20 of any one thing at a certain place at once. if you got into a fight with 20 draugrs in Skyrim...I feel sorry for you son. At most a fight that was difficult was like 5-10, depending on which type of draugr. The point of the article is saying that instead of having saying 20-30 zombies outside a town just kinda standing there waiting for people to 'kill x zombies' there would be say 10-15 zombies somewhere zombies may be, say a sewer or dungeon, and they are quite strong and perhaps the goal of the quest is not to kill them but rather get at what they are guarding, and in the process you happen to kill x zombies anyway.

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