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Model viewer or item preview?

Started by praventz13
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Something that some us who care about the aesthetics of our armour would appreciate is some sort of system where you could preview your armour. I do realize that there are many sources online to do this, however I would prefer if I didn't have to open a internet browser just to check a armour style. Just a though for future updates!

I know on the character creation screen you can see the veteran style for each race/armor type but I am more interested in mixing and matching different styles. Also where can I see some pics of daedric/primative/ancient elf styles?

thanks :)
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there is no item previewer atm.

just another industry staple missing from the final product. ..

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Yeah, it really needs one. I didn't release Khajitt light breeches were some pink colour until I put them on. I couldn't have them running around with them.
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