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MoonWalkers/Xbox One
MoonWalkers/Xbox One

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvP, Roleplay
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Shadow_Stalker.
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About MoonWalkers/Xbox One
Main Ranking Character Builds
We are The MoonWalkers, a guild of lycanthropes of all kinds and those tolerant of them. Together, we are stronger than when we are apart. Unlike the werewolves of the wilds, we are civilized, though we live in shadow. We do not satisfy our bloodlust on the weak or the innocent. We do not attack unprovoked, yet we show no mercy to our enemies.

Hercine may have blessed us with our powers, but we are not obligated to follow his philosophy. His is the way of the hunt. Ours is the way of honor and dignity. We control our animal nature. We do not allow it to control us.

People not like us think that werewolves are monsters. And without proper control, we are monsters. To keep ourselves safe from unwanted attention, we must keep up an illusion. In the public eye, we are werewolf hunters; adventurers who track down werewolves at night. This is almost true, but our true intention is to add those werewolves that we find to our ranks, not to kill them.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you will do well. Break them, and you will be punished severely:

1. No one may steal or attack another member of our alliance.

2. Werewolves, and other werecreatures, who are not of our guild should be left alone. Only attack if attacked first, or if defending the innocent.

3. No killing the innocent. We feast only on thugs, and those who wish to harm us.

4. Vampires may be attacked on sight. We do not consider them innocents. They are our ancient enemies, and they will not show mercy to us, nor us them.

5. Obey the orders of higher-ranking members.

6. Tell no one outside of the guild that we are werewolves, unless they can be trusted. The last thing we need are real werewolf hunters knocking on our door.

More about the guild: The MoonWalkers are a guild of virtuous werewolves, sort of like the Circle of the Companions, for the Ebonheart Pact. We are devoted mostly to roleplay and PvE. We will be comprised mostly of werewolves, but being a lycanthrope is not a requirement. We may also do PvP, if enough people are up for it.

There will be a ranking system in this guild, both to promote RP and to give higher levels of authority to members who have been with us longer and have proven their worth. Advancements will be given based on level, contribution to the guild, and recommendations from higher-ranking members.

Ranks will be in this order: Pup < Beta < Omega < Howler < Sharp-claw < Prowler < Silvermane < Pack Leader

We will also have jobs for members devoted to the arts of crafting. We may have a Guild Alchemist, Guild Blacksmith, Guild Armorer, Guild Enchanter, and a Guild Cook. Let me know if this is something you're interested in.

This guild will be for Xbox One players only.
Our new Pack will be different than all others. Structure is our key to success. We will remain as smaller packs which will carry out any business or missions needed. These packs will comprise 4~7 members, including wolves of any or all skill types and led by a Young Subordinate (or just Subordinate). Each Subordinate will report and follow the direction of their leading Beta, who will cover many Subordinate pack leaders. Each Beta will also have their own pack to lead, filled by their choice of subordinate leaders or members of each pack they head and may change according to their choices. Each Beta in return reports to the Alpha.

There is only one Alpha and his word is the law of the Southern Pack. They will do all of the major planning. The Alpha does not have to be the strongest, or the most strategic, but must be the greatest combination of both. S/He must be able to fend for themselves as well as keep help the Pack as a whole in line and safe.
Just drop a comment about what kind of class you want to be
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