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Mordyn Varnis

Started by yomitch8
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
First name- Mordyn
Surname- Varnis
Title- None
Sex- Male
Age- 22
Occupation- Scholar
Faction- The Cyrodiil Mages' Guild and The Skyrim College of Winterhold
Appearance- A tall Breton with brow/blond messy hair. He is skinny. He wares robes and a hood with leather gloves and elven boots. He also wares an enchanted gold and ruby necklace and enchanted silver rings.
Personality- Shy to new people, Brilliant, slightly awkward socially.
Personal Background- His mom was a veteran healer for the Imperials and his dad was a very successful merchant. They taught him that a good education was one of the most important things. He was in one of the best schools all his life until he went traveling across Cyrodiil. He quickly became one of the best mages in Cyrodiil before going to Skyrim to see the College of Winterhold. He was captured by the Imperials and was falsely accused of being a rebel. After escaping his death sentence he met a Nord, Imperial, and Bosmer that he travels with.
Best Memory- Meeting the Imperial, Annabeth
Worst memory- His first kill, an Imperial in Helgen
Skills- He is naturally great with all kinds of magic. He learns incredibly fast. He has a great memory.
Challenges for the Character- He doesn't like death.
Birth sign- The Mage
Religious Views- Follows the Nine
Political views- He doesn't much care for politics
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Nice bio I like the character it's well organized and thought out.

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