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Started by Alter-Mosaicus
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
We are a small group of experienced (15 years) players who want to serve the Aldmeri Dominion. We favor INTENSE RP, with an emphasis on PvP.

We will be recuiting any and all once they reach the city of Alinor (if there is a city of Alinor).

We will be using the PC version as a trial run and then move to PS4 when it is available, hopefully leaving a working faction on the PC (assuming the PS4 version is up and running by the end of the summer, release dates being what they are...).

Our single focus will be to put an Aldmeri Empress on the Ruby Throne.

Our structure and nomenclature will follow established traditions, customized to the ESO ethos.

MOSAIC will function as a clearing-house for other Guilds, to help facilitate inter guild cooperation. We do not aim specifically to place one of our own members on the Ruby Throne, but to facilitate the Aldmeri Dominion, and specifically the Altmer, in capturing the Imperium.

Our operations will be political and organizational, focused on the entire Dominion.


Recruiters, Acolytes, Priestesses and Prophets; healers. Spreading the word of Prophecy: "We will see an Aldmeri Empress ascend the Ruby Throne!"

Gatherers, crafters, economic advisers- Forager, Magnate. Helping the Dominion economy to boom to support the Crusade for the Ruby Throne. Provisioning guild strongholds and Dominion keeps. Khajit caravaneers are highly welcome!

The Ruby Command. We aim to gather Strategos, military leaders and guild leaders from many Guilds to coordinate the defense of the Ruby Throne. We will work closely with the Aldmeri High Command. We will form the elite Ruby Guard, a small unit of experienced warriors to guard the Dominion's holdings in Cyrodil.
Recruits, Soldiers, Warriors, Strategos (Strategos would be leaders of other, PvP oriented guilds using MOSAIC as a coordinating group to help form a Dominion High Command early on).

Councillors, High Councillors. Political operatives working to coordinate the internal and external politics of the Dominion. Advisors to the Ruby Throne.

The Obsidian Order
Scout, Spy, Agent, Operative, Assassin
An information gathering arm of the Dominion, working closely with the Thalmor. Scouts on the battlefield, black ops and other fun stuff. Bosmer welcome!

"All is subject to change"
(Once the specifics of game-play are more clear)

Our initial approach to Cyrodil ops will be multi-layered:

We will be recruiting newbies, so, yes, there will be zergs and cannon fodder in our ranks. We don't think this can be avoided. If you are new, have fun in Cyrodil, get killed, learn how to survive, coordinate, communicate. Once you have gained some experience you will move from RECRUIT to SOLDIER.

A SOLDIER will be assigned to a unit of four soldiers led by a WARRIOR. We believe that a focus on small unit tactics will be at the very heart of a successful Dominion military. We beseech experienced players from across all Dominion guilds to help facilitate and train for effective small unit operations and coordination, across the entire Dominion, not just focused within your own guild.

A WARRIOR will lead a unit of four Soldiers, learning to coordinate and communicate with other warriors, leading similar small groups. A WARRIOR will show initiative and demonstrate effective leadership capabilities.

Our goal is to form The Ruby Elite Guard that will be an elite light infantry unit composed of a dozen such small units, in the service of the Ruby Throne.

We would like to have a STRATEGOS from as many Dominion military guilds as possible, to assist in the defense of the Ruby Throne, as well as form the nucleus of an Aldmeri High Command. IF a guild leader can also belong to other guilds, then this position would be reserved for leaders of PvP oriented guilds.

Whoever captures the Throne first will have a tremendous advantage. Other groups are planning. They will be doing the same things we are. We must hit the ground running, keeping a focus on the goal:

"We will see an Aldmeri Empress ascend the Ruby Throne!"
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Our goals will be:

Gain the Ruby Throne for the Dominion.
Support the Ruby Throne, no matter who from the Dominion is on it.
Regain the Ruby Throne for the Dominion, if need be.
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