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Started by Miasmador
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
First name: Swims-Through-Seas / called by his masters Moth

Second name:

Race: Argonian

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Occupation: Slave

Appearance: He is a strange argonian, unusually tall, 6 1/2 ft tall, despite only being 15. he is a light grey colour with unusual brown circular markings, like a moth. He has dark brown eyes, camouflaged with the brown circles that covered his face and sometimes it look like he has many eyes. On his head he has numerous feathers, some dark brown and some light grey. His feathers tend to move depending on what he is doing or his mood. They have been know to quiver, looking much like a moth's wings. He wears completely white cotton clothing, top, leggings and boots, apart from a light grey cloak so big that at night he wraps himself up in it and uses it to sleep in at night. But as a signal of his slavery he had holes dug into his face and hung from the little fox bones that hang from his snout, about twenty on each side of his face.

Background: He was raised in a village in Black Marsh for eight years, learning how catch fish and make fires and camp out in the wild, how to skin animals for their fur, etc. When he was eight a skirmisher band ransacked his town putting it to the torch and taking it's people for slaves. All he managed to keep was a little flint and bone dagger that he used to skin and kill animals with. One day they forgot to do his chains up and, taking the chance he slit the throats of the bandits. He ran away from the camp as fast as he could and plunged into the sea. He didn't care where he went, but he was free. He swam for days, at night tying himself to the seabed with the long pieces of seaweed and sleeping there. One night he swam down to the seabed... and got caught in something. He was pulled up out of the water and hauled up onto a ship. He was taken as captive and the next time they sailed into port he was sold... as a slave. He was bought by a tall, elderly bosmer woman who gave him decent, white clothing and his grey cloak. But, as a signal that he was a slave she had little holes dug into his skin and from then she hung little fox bones. He worked well for her for many years and she was kind, feeding him well. But then, when he was fourteen she died and he was passed onto another argonian who lived in Blackrose. She has worked for him for a year and he is treated well, still a slave, but also as a argonian, a person. Then, when he was fifteen he was sold to a Altmer spear-master and her served under her.

Best memory: Slitting the throats of the bandits.

Worst memory: Having the bones hung onto him, as a constant reminder of what he is.

Challenges for the Character: Coping with the bones is hard for him, also, he has an awful stutter but he has learnt to talk very quickly to contradict that.

Political views: He doesn't have any

Religious views: The Eight have been... unkind, but I still pray to them

Vlos Hithern

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