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Motus Aequabilis
Motus Aequabilis

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Crafting
Time Zone : Other
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Gederic.
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About Motus Aequabilis
Motus Aequabilis

“Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that Akatosh may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.”

Joining the guild site is now required!

Guild Site:

Tamriel Foundry Page:

For too long have the Altmer of the Summerset Isles degraded and oppressed the likes of the so called ‘lesser’ races. However the time has come for man to stand against these arrogant oppressors. Motus Aequabilis or The Equality Movement seeks to do just that… Equalize our Altmer foes..

Major Guild Goals
I.Crush the Aldmeri Dominion
II.Protect the lands of all innocent citizens
III.Bring the fight to Molag Bol and save the entirety of Tamriel

Basic Information and Recruitment Standards

The Equality Movement is primarily an Ebonheart Pact guild, however we do not discriminate against our Daggerfall Covenant brethren. We seek only to ally ourselves with them and form a strong bond in hopes of reconciling our two alliances. All are welcome, we are the Equality Movement after all and seek to stomp out the racist tendencies in Tamriel, specifically the racism that is all too often displayed by the Altemer… Our guild is currently set to public and all our welcome to join, however you will be reviewed after your entry. We have no strict age limit, 18+ is preferred however we accept mature and dedicated players. This guild is for hardcore PvPers but we have a strong focus on Roleplaying and PvE as well. We would like all joining members to have a character roleplay/backstory etc. for emersion. There will be no level requirement to join as we are open to all levels of player. Level will have a small influence on your ranking when the game comes out but level is certainly not the main reason for rising through the ranks.. Our guild is divided into three sections The Army, Crafters, and The Healing School.

About Gederic

As a boy Gederic lived in peace in the Imperial City of Skyrim, Whiterun… Under the leaves of the Gildergreen Gederic learned to love nature and the freedom of Skyrim. But Skyrim is a harsh and unforgiving land and growing up there tends to toughen one up. Gederic grew to be a hard and toughened ranger in Whiterun hold, renowned for his ability to vanquish the evil creatures and honourless bandits that roamed the wild lands. By twenty he was an accomplished soldier of Skyrim.

But all good things could not last on the eve of his twenty-first birthday his parents were murdered by an Altemer assassin.. With tensions growing between the nations of Tamriel a radical Altemer group in Whiterun hold had begun killing nobles.. Using his skill as a ranger and mastery of combat Gederic hunted down these treacherous extremists and slayed every last member of their organization.But not without great cost, in the fray of battle Gederic caught a glancing blow of fire to his face leaving a permanent scar, but he had succeeded in taking down his parents murderers…

When done with his journey of several months Gederic returned to Whiterun in mourning.. This is when he met a young bard by the name of Jorunn, and crown prince of Skyrim.. Jorunn and Gederic soon became close companions as Gederic was also skilled in the arts but perhaps not as much as the Skald Prince.. Gederic journeyed with Jorunn for a time but war eventually fell on Skyrim once more.. While in Riften Jorunn had learned of the Dir-Kamal invasion from Akaviri that was progressing towards the city of Windhelm. Jorunn and The Pack of Bards, which Gederic had assumed a role in, fought their way to Windhelm but alas it was to late and Gederic and Jorunn watched as the gates were breached and Jorunn’s mother and sister killed…

Jorunn assumed his role as High King and Gederic became a master strategist and tactician in his army.. With the Akaviri being pushed out of Skyrim their armies chased after and eventually pinned the invaders down in Morrowind… Nords, Dunmer, and Argonians slaughtered the Kamal and pushed them to the sea where they drowned never to invade Tamriel again.. Afterwards Gederic split ways from Jorunn and went on his own adventures for a short time, but eventually the horns of war sounded again as The Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenent, and treacherous Aldmeri Domion marched to battle for Cyrodiil…. Once more Gederic will take up arms for the Ebonheart Pact and get full revenge on the elves who stole his parents lives… Clever and composed Gederic now leads the ranks of Motus Aequabilis into war in a fight to secure peace and equality for all…

Ranks and Organization

Our army is set up into legions as follows

Guild Master -

Gederic ~ Guild Master, North America Leader

Redjess ~ European Leader

High Commander

Commands a legion. (Three cohorts)


Commands a cohort

High Thane

Commands a taskforce. A taskforce is six soldiers. The High Thane is a Thanes superior and takes over command when the Legate is unavailable.


The Thane is in charge of newer members. The Thane is mainly responsible for training. If both Legate and High Thane are unavailable the Thane takes temporary command of the legion.


The High Thane or Thane’s second in command

Legionary Ranks

I. Hersir

Highest Legionary Rank. A true champion and hero.

II. Berserker

Renowned as a great warrior.

III. Wolfskin

An up and coming warrior.

IV. Rekkr

A common soldier.

V. Drengr

A new soldier fresh out of training.


New blood, a recruit in training.


A special legion will be formed as a Scouting and spying force for our legions. To properly strategize we need correct and accurate information.

Gederic’s Rangers

This will be my special taskforce of elite players selected from different legions. They will be separate from the regular legions. Responsible for infiltration and coups of Aldmeri cities. The best of the best….


Not interested in the army? Want to do both, that’s not a problem. We have our own Artisan section of the guild. The Artisan’s make the armor and weapons, they sell crafts to fund the guild treasury, they cook food for the soldiers, etc. In a way we have numerous crafting guilds within our guild. More to come on this section as we find out more on the crafting that will be available in ESO.

Note that the below ranks are general, each craft will have its own special names i.e. A Master Blacksmith or Apprentice Cook, etc..

Healing and Mage School

We are in the works to set up a healing and magic school. It will be set up in a way similar to the Mages Guild or College of Winterhold. Each mage(specifically healers) will train and be assigned to a legion or taskforce. More to come on this section soon.

Current Guild Legions

Legio I: Sovngarde

North America

Legio II: Aetherius

North America

Legio III: Tribunal


Legio IV: BlackRose




Blood of the North

The Red Crow Brotherhood

The Ruby Brotherband

Exterminating Elves Everywhere

The Ebon Flag


Please contact Gederic or other guild officers on their Tamriel Foundry profile (private messages please). Gederic is also available on Steam @goldneye66
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